August 28th, 2008

Alexis Bledel, Gilmore Girls

His eyes were black – coal black. (Twilight Chap.1)

Hi everyone!

Here is my first post in this marvellous community (in fact in every community).
Si I hope you'll enjoy!

I'm not gonna say much tonight 'coz i'm a little bit speechless and tired.
But anyways, here it is, my first Twilight icons!!!
I was so thrilled to see the Twilight trailers that it inspired me again!
Please let me know what you truly think about it!

Comment and (try to) enjoy!
Credit if you take!



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Fanfiction: Awaiting Noon

Title: Awaiting Noon

Rating: T
Summary: although i don´t know how to continue the story.i hope yo like it.
it begins that edward leaves bella and she´s trying to get over him. she will meet him years later.
Note: it´s in german and my first fanfiction. please be nice.

here´s the link:

FF Update - Stop the Presses Chapter 5

Title: Stop the Presses
Author: bittered.b
Characters/Pairing: Bella/Edward, Alice/Jasper, Rosalie/Emmett
Rating: M for future content
Category: Romance/Humor/Drama
Spoilers: AU/AH, slight spoilers of characters and relationships from first 3 books
Summary: It's 1920s Chicago and Edward has just helped Bella get a job at the Chicago Tribune as a columnist for the new generation of women. But can Bella and Edward work closely together and remain professional? And what happens when sleazy reporter James takes notice of Bella?

Chapter 5

Haven't read it yet? Start at the beginning! Chapter 1

Fanfiction: Waning Crescent - Chapter 4: Hunt

Title: Waning Crescent
Author: Kalia Devereaux (nemui_mamushi )
Characters/Pairing: Edward x Bella & cannon pairings
Rating: T (good chance M in future chapters)
Category: Angst, Romance.
Spoilers: End of Book 2 and most of Book 3 of Breaking Dawn.
Summary: Only Summary to describe this, Breaking Dawn from Edward's POV (or at least my interpretation of it)

Inspired by this post (Edward in Breaking Dawn) and the raving comments of everyone

Chapter 4 - Hunt (@ my LJ)

Chapter 4 - Hunt (@
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Most anticpated movie!

Found this On MTV movies blog

Twilight’ Voted Most Anticipated Movie Of The Fall On Fandango
Published by Shawn Adler on Thursday, August 28, 2008 at 2:19 pm.

'Twilight'It’s not “High School Musical 3.” It’s not the new James Bond flick, “Quantum of Solace,” either. It’s certainly no longer “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.”*

When asked the question “If you could choose only one movie to see in the theater in the next four months, which film would be your first choice?“ “Twilight,” the eagerly anticipated first movie to be adapted from Stephanie Meyer’s blockbuster series turned out, in fact, to be the MOST anticipated movie of the fall, according to a recent poll on movie website

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Fan Fiction: "Shadows of Another Life" Chapter 18~Bedrooms and Bathrooms

Title: Shadows of Another Life
Author: Lindseyfair
Characters/Pairing: Edward/Bella, some Rosalie/Emmett, some Alice/Jasper
Rating: Overall M for Mature Audiences
Category: Romance, General
Spoilers: If you haven't read the books, you might not get some of it. This is Alternate Universe and is All Human.
Summary: Bella has just ended a long relationship with Jake. She has decided to start over in Cottonwood, Ca where her family, dad, Charlie, sister, Rosalie, and twin brother, Jasper have made home the past year without her. Can she settle in to the new town, her new career, and a new romance all while dealing with the tragic events that lead to the move?
Disclaimer: I own nothing. I'm not SM. I'm just LJ, but most days I wish I was SM.

Chapter 18
Bedrooms and Bathrooms

start from the beginning at

FF Updated - Friends to lovers

Hey Everyone! The next chapter is up! :D

Title:Friends to lovers
Author: lie_to_me26 
Characters/Pairing: Edward and Bella. All of the other Twilight couples will show their faces. :D
Rating: M
Category: Drama/Romance
Spoilers: There's no spoilers to any of the books. This is a BIG AU and there will be a lot of lemons
Summary: Bella and Edward are best friends who secretly loved each other but what happens when they add benefits to their relationship?
Notes: Thanks to Galadeon over at for being my beta! :D

Read chapter. 8 - The claim here or start with the preface

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Twilight: Tired of Staying Away from You

My Brother's Best Friend

Title: My Brother's Best Friend
Author: jennlynnfs
Rating: PG-13, but I will mark chapters with more mature content with the appropriate rating.
Genre: Romance; AU; All-Human
Characters/Pairings: Bella/Edward; other cannon pairings
Short summary: Seven years have passed since Edward and Bella last saw each other. They grew up as children and even became good friends. Once they entered high school, Edward became distant and eventually severed all ties with her. Confused and hurt, Bella moved on with her life in Seattle. Through it all, Bella had her older brother Emmett to get past the estrangement. Now, with Edward's imminent return to Seattle to help out with his sister Alice's wedding, Bella can't help wondering what drove away her brother's best friend all those years ago.
Any warnings: None
Disclaimer: These characters belong to Stephanie Meyer.
Author's Note: I'm going to try something new.
Chapter 9 Teaser:
Before she knew what was happening, Edward had shot off the bed with her still on him. It looked like he was giving her a harmless piggy back ride, but the way he gripped her arm that was around his neck and how he hitched one of her legs over his hip, told Bella that he was not going to be gentle.

Should I even bother with teasers?

URL (if not posted here): Chapter 9: Mr. Dazzling hosted @
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Efflorescence Chapter Eight

Title: Efflorescence
Rating: PG-13
Genre: angst/romance/drama
Characters/Pairings: all the original twilight pairings, Elizabeth/William (my original characters)
Short summary: Basically it's the vise versa gender of Edward and Bella. Girl vampire falls for a mortal guy. Bella is now a vampire, and the Cullen’s have moved to Salt Lake City. POST Breaking Dawn.
In this chapter, there is finally some genuine alone time between William and Elizabeth on a special night. Things go wrong, and Elizabeth makes a choice.

Disclaimer: All original Twilight characters belong to Stephanie Meyer.
SPOILER ALERT: I have now read Breaking Dawn, and I have made the small changes to keep this fanfic as canon as possible. There is now going to be spoilers for Breaking Dawn.

Determination Part One
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The Day The World Crashed

Title: The Day The World Crashed
Rating: PG
Category: Drama, Angst, Romance
Pairing: Alice/Jasper, Bella/Edward
Summary: They see us all now, truly, for what we are. We run away, faster than humanly possible. We leave everything behind. There’s no time.
Disclaimer: All this genius belongs to Stephanie Meyer. I only wish I thought of Edward Cullen. No spoilers - in the Twilight timeline.
A/N: Sorry it's so late and short. This cold has me down and out. Comments are love!

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