August 22nd, 2008

FF Updated - Friends to lovers

Hey Everyone! The next chapter is up! :D

Friends to lovers
Author: lie_to_me26 
Characters/Pairing: Edward and Bella. All of the other Twilight couples will show their faces. :D
Rating: M
Category: Drama/Romance
Spoilers: There's no spoilers to any of the books. This is a BIG AU and there will be a lot of lemons
Summary: Bella and Edward are best friends who secretly loved each other but what happens when they add benefits to their relationship?
Notes: Thanks to Galadeon over at for being my beta! :D

Read chapter. 5 - The deal here or start with the preface

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Twilight Battle

Here I am tonight to show you this great battle between me and a wonderful artist, ery_90 , but it's great above all for the subject, Twilight. This is a passion that we have in common and that make us friends, so it was a big pleasure to do this battle with her, not only because she's a great artist, but also because she's a fantastic girl! Thank you so much Marghe!!! *kiss

so there are 10 (beautiful) rounds/wall (1024x768) about Twilight


round#1 Ery

round#2 Kia

all the battle here @ kiarina88


|In My Arms| Fanfiction Chap. 5

I finally have another chapter. This one took a lot of editing and re-editing so I hope you enjoy!

Title: In My Arms
Rated: R (For evilness)
Characters: Edward/Bella etc.
Summary: After Edward fulfills Bella's demands and unexpected and unwanted intervention tears them, and their world, apart....But could it be forever. Most of all they discover that death doesn't always mean somebody is gone forever............

|Previous Chapters|
Preface & Chap. 1 - In My Arms
Chap. 2 - Hell, Right Smack in the Middle of Heaven
Chap. 3 - Going Under
Chap. 4 - My Immortal

|New Chapter!|

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with permission from a mod

lovemytwilight is having the first ever love secrets post tomorrow -- but we need more submissions.

the love!secrets include general fandom things (twilight makes me happy, where would i be without fanfiction?) and shout-outs to friends you love, too. or anything else, if it pertains to the theme :)

so submit?

just leave an anonymous comment to that post with your secret-pic's url.

the submissions post closes today at around 6pm est, so hurry! :)

thanks muchly~

Positive 'Breaking Dawn' review

It's my first post here, so I'm sorry for any mistakes I might make. Just contact me and I'll change anything if it's wrong.

So, since everybody tend to write quite bad reviews about Breaking Dawn where the negative aspects are pointed out more than the positive ones, this is the thing I've been waiting for.
I found an article from where they finally let the fans who loved Breaking Dawn tell their opinion. They even let the fans make a list of PROs and CONs about what they liked in Breaking Dawn and what they didn't.
Well, I love the article. There's no sense in writing thousands of reviews saying how bad Breaking Dawn was. Breaking Dawn is and will always be the forth book in the series - no matter how people think it was, right? (:

Read the article here:
P-I readers bare their fangs in defense of 'Breaking Dawn'
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Fic: Forever and ever and ever

Title: Forever and ever and ever
Author: pforte
Characters/Pairing: Bella/Edward, ensemble
Rating: PG-13
Category: Parody/Romance
Spoilers: For all books and lots of badfic on ffnet.
Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight. The Twilight universe was created by Stephenie Meyer and consequently belongs to her. Numerous references to other literary works and pop culture are not mine, either. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.
Note: I've been writing on this for several months. It started out as a parody of Twilight badfic in May and then developed into a parody of badfic and the series after Breaking Dawn was released. Funnily enough, several parts that may remind of you BD were in fact written before the release and are referring to badfic.

Heathcliff did indeed have a point.
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Fanfic: Campus Liaisons - Chapter 1

Title: Campus Liaisons New!
Author: Isabel0329
Rating: M
Genre: Romance / Comedy
URL (if not posted here):
Characters/Pairings: The whole crew, but focusing on Bella
Short summary: Bella Swan starts her first semester as an English professor with just the right thing – a one night stand. But what happens when that one night stand shows up in the most unexpected place? All-human, OOC.
Any warnings: Language in this chapter.
Disclaimer: Bella will be fairly out of character, just a warning.

Chapter 1: Hangovers and First Days

FF Update - Stop the Presses Chapter 3

Title: Stop the Presses
Author: bittered.b
Characters/Pairing: Bella/Edward, Alice/Jasper, Emmett/Rosalie
Rating: M
Category: Romance/Adventure.
Spoilers: Minor spoilers of relationships from first 3 books
Disclaimer: Unfortunately, I don’t own anything!
Summary: It's the 1920s, they all live in Chicago and Bella just got a job at the same newspaper as Edward. Flappers, prohibition, organized crime and love. Do you need more?

Read it! Chapter 3
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Efflorescence - Chapter Seven

Title: Efflorescence
Rating: PG-13
Genre: angst/romance/drama
Characters/Pairings: all the original twilight pairings, Elizabeth/William (my original characters)
Short summary: Basically it's the vise versa gender of Edward and Bella. Girl vampire falls for a mortal guy. Bella is now a vampire, and the Cullen’s have moved to Salt Lake City. POST Breaking Dawn.

In this chapter, William and Elizabeth have some surprising alone time at school.

Disclaimer: All original Twilight characters belong to Stephanie Meyer.
SPOILER ALERT: I have now read Breaking Dawn, and I have made the small changes to keep this fanfic as canon as possible. There is now going to be spoilers for Breaking Dawn.

Chapter Seven – Chasing.
kathryn book signing


This is my first post to the community, after being a long-time lurker :)

The fanmix includes songs only from the band "Evanescence", as their songs suit the Twilight saga as a whole perfectly. I know the graphics aren't great, but I'm a beginner to photoshop. I hope you'll enjoy it, and please download! Fanmix is after the cut.

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Persuasion [ Chapter 17 ]

Title: Persuasion
Author: carribbeanlady
Characters/Pairing: Edward/Bella
Rating: PG-13
Category: Romace
Spoilers: None
Summary: Isabella Swan is living in 1918 Washington State until she decides to run away to Chicago where she meets the Masen's. Mrs. Masen is afraid her head strong son, Edward, is headed to war so Bella takes it upon herself to get him to stay.
Author's Note: Sorry for making you guys wait such a long time! I wanted to finish this but then my head got all jumbled and...blah! So I'm back now after my vacation. Luckily my parents decided to bring the laptop with us so I wrote practically all of this at our hotel and the airport. Thank my mom for badgering me everyday since I stopped writing!! Hope this chappie lives up to all of your expectations!

From the Beginning

("You know that you are meeting a house full of vampires, right?")
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Intervention: The End

Title: Intervention
Rating: PG -13
Chapter: 6/6

twi_ction, view full list of fictions here
Characters: The Cullens, Jacob Black, Bella Swan, Charlie
Warnings: Bad Jake, Post Eclipse, AU to BD 
Fandom: Twilight
Summary: We all know that Jacob is pretty desperate to prevent Bella from turning into a vampire, but what lengths will he go to to make sure that it doesn't happen? What will happen when Bella's mortality and existence rests in the hands of Jacob Black?
Disclaimer: Stephenie Meyer owns all characters and rights to the Twilight series

Links:  Beginning  /  End


cokate and doeperty

New chapter: Changing History

Title: Changing History
Author: </a></b></a></div></b></a>libertine_skins
Characters/Pairing: the usual though AH
Rating: M... i tend to swear occasionally
Spoilers: none. they are human so...
Summary: All Human, classic Bella struggling to support herself at uni, Alice is her best friend and there is an obsession with Edward Can she overcome her insecurities to get him? Will Mike/Tyler, James or Jake give her up? Oh and slight issue: Edwards gf- Rose.

Chapter 1- under the spreading chestnut tree

Chapter 11- im singing someone else's song                    (NEW!!)

A/N: im looking for a beta????  Dont actually know how to go about getting one..... awkward.
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Sunset : Chapter Nice ~ Team AR To The Rescue

Title: Sunset
Author: Hayley_Cullen
Characters/Pairing: Bella/Edward/Jacob
Rating: 13 (might change in other chapters)
Category: Romance/Sorrow.
Spoilers: If you haven’t read twilight, new moon, or eclipse, don’t read this!!
Disclaimer: Unfortunately, I don’t own any of the characters, it all belongs to the wonderful SMeyer! If I did own Edward, do you really think I would let him out??
Summary: Jacob never told Bella that he was a werewolf, which meant that they could no longer be friends. Without Jacob to help make her feel better, Bella realises that she can not live like this anymore. Would Edward be able to get to her in time?? And what happens when an unexpected visitor turns up????

For the previous chapters ... Click Here

 Chapter Nine ~ Team AR To The Rescue
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DVD Special Features

Yesterday I spent the whole day watching a bunch of movies and it got me thinking....

What kind of special features do you hope they include on the DVD for the Twilight movie?

I'm one of those people that loves watching all the behind-the-scenes, commentaries, deleted scenes, blooper reels, etc, and I'm thinking alot of you are too. Or would be when it comes to this movie haha.

The two biggest things I hope they include are all of the deleted scenes and a commentary with Kristen and Robert. I think it'd be cool if there was a commentary with Kristen, Robert, Jackson, Ashley, Nikki, and Kellan, maybe even Peter and Elizabeth too. A commentary with all the Cullens would be pretty funny to listen to I think.

But they need at least one commentary with Kristen and Rob doing it together at least. If it was just them and some producer or something that'd still be cool. =)

(Sorry mods if this isn't allowed)
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Fanfic: Campus Liasons - Chapter 2

Title: Campus Liaisons
Author: Isabel0329
Rating: M
Genre: Romance / Comedy
URL (if not posted here):
Characters/Pairings: The whole crew
Short summary: Bella Swan starts her first semester as an English professor with just the right thing – a one night stand. But what happens when that one night stand shows up in the most unexpected place? All-human, OOC.
Any warnings: Language in this chapter ... again
Disclaimer: Bella will be fairly out of character, just a warning.

Chapter 2: Not All Alike New!
Chapter 1: Hangovers and First Days