August 14th, 2008

Breaking Dawn Concert Videos: Part II

OK, well I have the first part (the introduction) uploaded.  It's approximately seven and a half minutes long.  I'm working on getting the Q&A session added (which is like twenty minutes), but it's a very large file and for some reason I keep getting an error message (even though it's below the maximum upload limit). 

If anyone knows a good program to split .mov videos (for free), please let me know!

For now, here is the first part at my LJ touchedmysoul09
jasper hale

Eighty Years | Part VII

Title: Eighty Years
Author: </a></b></a>tonksandremus
[Unknown LJ tag]Rating: T
Edward/Bella, with some Jasper/Alice and Emmett/Rosalie thrown in for fun,
This is the sequel to my finished fic Green Eyes. It takes place right where the epilogue leaves off. Eighty years after Edward's human experience and Bella's change the Cullens move back to Forks to find it much the same except for a select few things.
The first three books. Some parts of it won't be understood if you don't know what happened in Green Eyes.

(That's really not my problem.)

|In My Arms| Fanfiction Chap. 3

Title: In My Arms
Rated: R (For evilness)
Characters: Edward/Bella etc.
Summary: Edward takes Bella on the perfect honeymoon around Europe starting in the Lake District, England. However after her demands are fulfilled an unexpected and unwanted intervention tears them both and their world apart...But could it be forever?

|Previous chapters|
Preface & Chap.1 - In My Arms
Chap.2 - Hell, Right Smack in the Middle of Heaven

|New chapter!|

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Fan Fiction: "Shadows of Another Life" Chapter 10~Morning After


Title: Shadows of Another Life
Author: Lindseyfair
Characters/Pairing: Edward/Bella, some Rosalie/Emmett, some Alice/Jasper
Rating: M for Mature Audiences
Category: Romance, General
Spoilers: If you haven't read the books, you might not get some of it. This is Alternate Universe and is All Human.
Summary: Bella has just ended a long relationship with Jake. She has decided to start over in Cottonwood, Ca where her family, dad, Charlie, sister, Rosalie, and twin brother, Jasper have made home the past year without her. Can she settle in to the new town, her new career, and a new romance all while dealing with the tragic events that lead to the move?
Disclaimer: I own nothing. I'm not SM. I'm just LJ, but most days I wish I was SM.

Comment please. Thanks for reading.

Favorite line from chapter 10

I think you should know by now that anything we do together when we're naked never goes quickly.

Chapter 10-New!

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Chapter 9

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Chapter 8

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Chapter 6
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Chapter 5
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Chapter 4
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Chapter 3
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Chapter 2
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Chapter 1
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Twilight Icons

Here is about 50 or so Icons I did for the Twilight Saga

If you want to use any I would appreciate a comment and recognition where you use it. But I know taking icons can get you confused sometimes as to where you get it from, so it's ok if you can't. Just don't claim it as your own.


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bedward purple

Fanfiction: Trick or Treat

Title: Trick or Treat
Characters/Pairing: Bella/Edward fea. Charlie
Rating: PG
Category: Humor & Romance
Spoilers: hardly any. nothing extreme or relevant to plot.
Summary: Not only is it hot, and 'that time of the month' for Bella, but this Halloween isn't turning out so great. There's some chocolate mishaps and near burning down of houses, not to mention some... Eggs. Bella sorta looses it, and for once Edward doesn't do anything to prevent all these mistakes. In Bella's crazy moody 'I'm on my period' mind...
Chapter two {took me long enough} / If you missed chapter one...

*Carlisle bless wm_law2003, bexi21, humaax3 for telling me about my links being broke. :D FIXED NOW!!
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FIC: A Rising Sun

Title: A Rising Sun, Ch 1
Rating: (eventual) NC-17
Pairings: Edward/Bella (all canon pairings)
Category: Angst/Romance
Summary: BD AU - The Denali clan arrive two weeks early for the wedding, bringing mischief and trouble in their wake. But Tanya and Irina are the least of Bella's problems. When the Volturi and the werewolves both remind the Cullens of their promises, Bella realizes that she will ignite a war, no matter which choice she makes. What no one will realize until too late is that Aro wants something - and he will do anything to get it.
Spoilers: Minor ones for Breaking Dawn
A/N: This is sort of my version of Breaking Dawn - what I wanted to happen, or what I thought would have happened. There will be some small spoilers (the quotes of day are used out of context and some other minor details), but none of the major plot points. Thank you to cinnamon_kisses and kaiwynn for all of their support <3

You're stuck with me for eternity. Deal with it.

happy birthday!

happy birthday, lion_lamb!!!

A year ago today the comm was born, and since most of you weren't here since then, we're going to spam you with random crap from the past. Collapse )

Any other memorable posts that you can remember?

_transformed put together this ~lovely~ fanmix for you all. We hope you enjoy it!

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Feel free to turn this into a SPAM POST about memorable posts in the comm, LOLing at everyone who changed their mind about Robert, link to your pic spams, etc, etc.

A big thank you to _transformed and make_me_irish for helping put this together, dreameaters for her brilliance ;), and thanks to everyone who has joined and participated in the community!
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Chapter 8 and we all fall down

WOW Thank you for all the response! I hope this chapter's a setup for a big fight I have in mind. Are the Cullens alive? Will Edward survive? Will Victoria get what she has coming? Find out soooon :)

Enjoy and review! I love hearing from everyone!

Title: And we all fall down
Author: You can call me Jill!
Rating: I'm switching to M because of language that is going to happen.
Set during New Moon (why I like to write fics in that time period I have no idea) Edward makes the biggest mistake of his existence but what will happen when he rushes back to fix it? Where is Bella, who has taken her so quickly? Why didn't Alice see it coming? and, most importantly, how much time does he have? I was inspired to write this while listening to Muse's version of 'House of the Rising Sun' and 'Almost Lover' by fine frenzy.
Warnings: New Moon spoilers!
A/N: Not my characters...obviously! And it's unbeta'd.

Links to all other chapters can be found here!

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(no subject)

Title: The End of Night
Author: elaborationlove
Fandom: Twilight
Characters/Pairings: Edward/Bella, Alice
Rating: G
Genre: Angst
Summary: Alice foresees the end.
Author's Notes: Apocalyptic.
Beta Credit: None.
Warning: Breaking Dawn spoilers. Sort of.
Disclaimer: Not my sandbox.
Word Count: 100

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Gossip Girl - Dan/Blair Beginnings

New Twilight Icon Awards Community

posted with permission from poetrytoprose

I've created and set up twiconawards today which is a new Twilight Icon Awards Community. This fandom definitely needs an active awards community IMO to honor all those amazing icon makers. The first nomination round will open this coming Monday, but in the meantime I'm looking for a co-maintainer who could assist me with the overall maintenance of the community, so if you are interested and preferrably have some experience in the area, please consider applying and let me know right here.

I'm also open to any kind of suggestions and feedback (on the voting cycle for example - weekly? bi-weekly?), so I'd appreciate any help I can get from my fellow Twilighters.


Half Alive

Title: Half Alive

Author: DelicateVenom

Pairing: Bella/Edward

Challenge: Write a one-shot for each song on Secondhand Serenade's CD "Awake".

Time frame: Post-Eclipse

Rating: PG

Author's notes: Okay, so I'm kind of iffy on this piece. I like some of it, other parts are eh. But as I've stuck with the lyrics word for word- or at least line for line, as I changed the female subject in the lyrics to the male- I feel as if I've done pretty well. I hope you enjoy! Feedback is appreciated =]

(Half Alive)
Twilight: Tired of Staying Away from You

My Brother's Best Friend

Title: My Brother's Best Friend
Author: jennlynnfs
Rating: PG-13, but I will mark chapters with more mature content with the appropriate rating.
Genre: Romance; AU; All-Human
Characters/Pairings: Bella/Edward; other cannon pairings
Short summary: Seven years have passed since Edward and Bella last saw each other. They grew up as children and even became good friends. Once they entered high school, Edward became distant and eventually severed all ties with her. Confused and hurt, Bella moved on with her life in Seattle. Through it all, Bella had her older brother Emmett to get past the estrangement. Now, with Edward's imminent return to Seattle to help out with his sister Alice's wedding, Bella can't help wondering what drove away her brother's best friend all those years ago.
Any warnings: None
Disclaimer: These characters belong to Stephanie Meyer.
Author's Note: My story is up for two nominations at Twilight Awards. If you'd like to vote, I've included a link on my profile. Thank you!

URL (if not posted here): Chapter 7: Nothing Out of the Ordinary hosted @
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