August 4th, 2008

Fanfic: Paradise Comes at a Cost

Title: Paradise Comes at a Cost
Author: myself, bombsawaaaay
Characters/Pairing: Bella
Rating: G (relatively tame in graphic terms, so this seems like a safe rating)
Category: Drama, Angst
Spoilers: None
Summary: In short, Bella's transformation from human to an immortal new born.
Note(s): i haven't written anything for years (easily since highschool) and i also don't read many fan fics, so i'm not toting this as anything new or original - i simply felt inspired to write it after the fail that was breaking dawn. therefore, if it sounds like something else previously written, then i apologize beforehand. but nice comments are always appreciated. :)

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Recent/New Fic

Sorry mods, I'm placing this in the queue now b/c I can't wait for 12 PST. I'm tired ; )

Title: What Should Have Been
Author: silentscream821
Characters/Pairing: Edward/Bella
Rating: PG
Category: romance, sadness
Summary: It would be a spoiler if I detailed a summary here, so I won’t. BUT READ THE TITLE!!! 1500 words
Spoilers for Breaking Dawn lie ahead in this FIC!... my gut reaction, sorry guys!

Also, here is a list of all the Breaking Dawn Quote of the Day Drabbles I completed. Not all of them, but I clearly had no idea how involving this project would be when the quotes started coming! The list of all the links is under the cut. Thanks again to everyone who read/reads/comments. You = LOVE : )

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Mafia, Money and Amore. Chapter 3

Title: Mafia, Money, and Amore. 
Rated: T
Characters: Edward/Bella  Charlie/Renee and others...

Summary:  ALL HUMAN! Bella Swan's dad is the head mob boss in the Mafia. Edwards father was his right hand man. When Carlisle dies in a shooting and Edward takes his place will Edward be able to pursue a relationship with the most powerful mans daughter?

Chapter 1

Chapter 3 - "Because I can't lose you too!" He yelled back. I was about to reply until I finally understood his words.

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BD Discussion Post

We're gonna ask you all, in the nicest way we know how, to play nice with each other. Remember that there will be others who disagree with you. If you see a comment that bothers you, go rant about it on aim or your own journal. Don't leave comments like "Why does everyone hate this book?" or "How can people love this?" If you can't follow that, I'd suggest you'd go skip along the yellow brick road to:

Breaking Dawn Discussion: Those Who Disliked the Book
Breaking Dawn Discussion: Those Who Liked the Book

Let's be friends, you guys. We mods have had a break and are fully prepared to unleash ~sounds from the gates of hell~ if rules aren't followed. But seriously, we don't want to.
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Quenched (fanfic)

Quenched (Continuation to Persuasion and Rush)
By: lilah_london
Rating: PG-13 (some violence, nothing graphic)
Status: 1/1
Word Count: 5,724
Pairing: Edward/Bella
Spoilers: Up to Eclipse… think of it as my Breaking Dawn.
Disclaimer: Edward and Bella belong to Stephenie Meyer. All mistakes are mine.
Summary: The events that happen after Bella has been changed and goes on her first hunting trip.
A/N: Told by Bella’s POV.

It needed to be satiated, it needed to be quenched. 
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Muse 'Unintended' music video - Twilight version

Hey everybody!
So here's the thing... I've been to a Muse concert this week (totally kick ass, btw!) and amazingly enough, it made me inspired enough to make a video again. And considering all the anticipation surrounding Breaking Dawn, I thought it's be fun to put the 2 together!

One of my picks for the 'possible Twilight soundtrack Muse song' is Unintended... gladly, there's a music video for it. So I made this little special edited movie version of it. It's not the entire song, I had to cut it out a little bit because of lack of clips... but I think it still works!

Hope you like it! =D

Critic Reviews of BD

I know a lot of us have been waiting for critic reviews to start pouring in, so I thought I'd post the ones that are up. If you link me in the comments to other critic reviews, I'll be glad to add them all to this post so we can have a sort of guide here.

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Just a bit of a side note - this really isn't the place to post your own review of BD, that would be better suited to the official discussion post the mods have posted. This post is purely for discussing the critics' POV on the book.

spam post #16

A LITTLE EARLIER TODAY TO MAKE UP FOR LAST WEEK'S MISSING SPAM POST!!! Talk about your Breaking Dawn parties, real life Edward Cullens, your Twilight songs, and off topic stuff. However, please DO NOT POST SPOILERS HERE. Personally, I just don't want to see them in this ~happy place~, so keep them out or I will delete them. And possibly you (I kid, I kid, but you will get a warning).

If you want that lovely discussion stuff, here are the general discussion posts currently going on:
Official Breaking Dawn Discussion (PLAY NICE IF YOU JOIN THIS ONE!)
Breaking Dawn Discussion: Those Who Disliked the Book
Breaking Dawn Discussion: Those Who Liked the Book
Choose wisely.

ALSO, in case you are not aware since we just flooded the comm a few hours ago, we are having a fic contest -- with prizes! Details there, please participate. More contests to come for all of us non-fic writers. Stay tuned.

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Sunset : Chapter Six

Title: Sunset
Author: Hayley_Cullen
Characters/Pairing: Bella/Edward/Jacob
Rating: 13 (might change in other chapters)
Category: Romance/Sorrow.
Spoilers: If you haven’t read twilight, new moon, or eclipse, don’t read this!!
Disclaimer: Unfortunately, I don’t own any of the characters, it all belongs to the wonderful SMeyer! If I did own Edward, do you really think I would let him out??
Summary: Jacob never told Bella he was a werewolf, and now without Jacob to help make her feel better, she realises she can't go on like this. But, could Edward get to her in time?? And what happens when an unexpected visitor turns up????

Sunset : Preface 
Sunset : Chapter One 
Sunset : Chapter Two 
Sunset : Chapter Three 
Sunset : Chapter Four 
Sunset : Chapter Five 
Sunset : Chapter six New!!

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Breaking Dawn UK

Have any UK fans received the book yet? Amazon still have it on pre-order and no where else seems to be shipping. I can't get to a bookstore so I thought I'd ask.

Also, as have pushed the release date back till the 11th August!

Despite all the spoilers I still want to read it too make my own judgement and not being able to find the book on the supposed release date is bugging me.

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» Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone [008-013]
» Twilight Trailers One and Two [014-53]

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Edward/Bella Fanmix

My second fanmix, but first Edward/Bella fanmix. My first fanmix I made was a couple months ago and was a Flack/Stella one for CSI NY. This one is probably still not very good, but I like the songs I've picked, and I know that there are couple that have been on other fanmixes, and I'm not trying to copy at all, but I really like those songs and to me they are perfect Edward/Bella songs. Anyway this is a general fanmix, though a couple might suit one book in particular. And since making this one I've heard other songs that I thought would be perfect, so I've decided to make another fanmix, rather then edit this one.

I'm going to shut up now and let you enjoy it, let me know what you think, and any problems let me know.

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Weekly Promotions Roundup #13

Here is the promotions roundup post with all the new communities and websites submitted to us this week. I'm sorry I'm a day late (again), but due to my getting sick, my grieving (I loved BD, but I'm sad that it's over), and most importantly the fact that we didn't resume accepting/rejecting posts until today, well, things are a little out of order. Anyway, if you'd like something promoted for next week, please leave a comment here. :)

bd_epicwin -- A community for fans who enjoyed reading Breaking Dawn.
elitetwilight -- The most dazzling icons on livejournal.
fixingdawn -- AU Breaking Dawn fanfiction. For those who thought their story should go a bit differently.
garrett_kate -- A Garrett/Kate shipper's community.
twilightxchange -- A picture sharing community where people post spams of their favorite pictures of the Twilight Movie or of its cast.
twilightxstills -- Twilight icontest community.
twilight_macros -- We lol because we love.
twi_gossipgirl -- A journal where anyone can send in tips about Twilight drama to be featured in post.

* Twilight Quotes -- The largest archive of quotes from the Twilight saga.

* Robert Pattinson Life -- All Robert Pattinson.

* Team Pattinson -- Daily updates, blogs, music - all Rob!
* The Twilight Myspace RPG -- I've started a new roleplaying community on myspace and we're in need of a few more members. Visit the link for rules or e-mail me at Thanks. :)

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ETA: If you need to talk to me for whatever reason, send me a message or leave a comment to this post. I'm sorry, but due to the fact that the BD discussion posts have flooded my inbox, I most likely won't notice any comments in there that were meant for me.
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4 Edward/Bella LJ Headers

So on Friday before I went to see the new X-Files film (which by the way is really really good) I made some LJ headers for the next time I wanted to change my header I would change it to something Twilight related as that seems to be my new obsession/addiction. So I made 4 Edward/Bella LJ headers, all of which are 760x400, so really need to be used on layouts of 760 across body wise, cause otherwise it'll look odd, but anyone can use them as long as you credit me I'm fine.


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Breaking Dawn: Not Epic Win, Not Epic Fail; Just Right

My review of Breaking Dawn:

Tittle: Breaking Dawn: Not Epic Win, Not Epic Fail; Just Right
Words: No idea, but it's pretty long.
Warning: MAJOR SPOILERS IN THIS POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Authors note: I did like the book and I have no oposition to anyone criticizing or expressing their opinions on it, but please be go nicely about it. :)


Feel free to discuss!!! :)

Waterworld. Chapter 10

 Title: Waterworld  
E/B  R/Em  A/J
Rated: T for future

Summary :  ALL HUMAN! Edward and Bella are both lifeguards at a waterpark in Arizona.Will Edward find Bella after offending her? Will Bella STOP playing hard to get? Will Jacob ask Bella out? Mike gets fired? Major ass kicking? Hell yea. Rated T for future! 

Beginning - Chapter 1

Chapter 10 


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Breaking Dawn Fanmix- CONTAINS SPOILERS

Includes: Josh Groban, Robert Pattinson, Brand New, Mae, I Hate Kate, Nine Inch Nails, and more

The tracks, lyrics, descriptions of how I see them fitting into the story, and download links can all be found HERE.
Please comment if you take it, so I know if I should try to make more.
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breaking dawn compilation

Breaking Dawn Essays/Reviews
Master List

Due to the fact that some of you are writing ~essays/reviews~ and such on Breaking Dawn, I'm making a Master Post. I don't know if we'll keep approving future essays as their own post. But simply comment here, leaving a link to your journal (or wherever the post happens to be). I'll add them to the list.

ALSO, please specify if the review is positive or negative. That way I can seperate them into categories and people can know what they're getting themselves into.

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