August 3rd, 2008

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Fanfic: Across the Airwaves - Chapter 15

Title: Across The Airwaves
Author: Isabel0329
Rating: M
Genre: Romance
Characters/Pairings: Edward/Bella
Short summary: Bella Swan is suffering from another bout of her continual insomnia when she comes across a velvety voice on the radio late at night. AU, All-Human.
Any warnings: Lemon-tastic smuttiness in this chapter!

Chapter 15: One Little Word New!
Chapter 14: History Lessons
Chapter 13: Radio Station Shenanigans
Chapter 12: Morning Greetings
Chapter 11: Reassurances

From the beginning....
[tv] psych | scared outta our minds

teen hollywood interview

I love how RPattz manages to make my Twilight world so much brighter with the words of his mouth. He is the only thing that can save us all, now.

I'm posting the ~highlights~ of this interview (aka anything RPattz says). No really, I left out Rachelle's comments and kept in Rob's. However, I did leave a couple of his comments out too. Sorry, I got lazy. Whatever. This interview is amazing. Read it or consider yourself banned.

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ETA to add the best part ever:
TeenHollywood: Do you use tongue or no tongue?

Robert: [Laughing] I always try to slip a bit of tongue in.

OMGGGGG clearly I somehow forgot to add this one in, even though I thought I had. KEEP TRYING ROB. KEEP. TRYING.

Mod Note
We will be resuming regular posting around 12AM PST. That kinda sucks cause that's 3AM for me, but sadly the majority of the mods live in LA. HDT.

searchtheskies found this for me. Without her, I am nothing
{newgirl} who's that girl?

promotion: new twilight fic community

Naturally, as a mod, I enjoy taking advantage of the community at an opportune time. And I figured that since it'll be several hours before regular moderated posting resumes and many of you may be in the midst of writing some Breaking Dawn fic, this works out perfectly.

Question: Are you one of those people that get frustrated over a community's lack of organization and tags when you're trying to search through some fanfiction to read? Yes? Well, look no further, because we have just the Twilight fic community for you.

JOIN AND PIMP, EVERYONE. Because tags make the world go 'round. We allow fic of every rating, every ship, even RPF, if it floats your boat. We're just trying to do our part in fandom to keep things easy to search through, organized, and not an eyesore. We hope to see this community grow, so start posting!

lion_lamb contest

lion_lamb's write your own breaking dawn contest

the rules:
  • One (1) fic entry per person.

  • Use whatever you want from the actual book; write your own version of BD; rewrite a scene as you wish it had happened; write a missing scene; your own epilogue...whatever. Write to your heart's content as long as it's in the BD time frame.

  • No word limit. However, it must be a one-shot. There is a word limit to livejournal entries, so please use that as your restriction.

  • The submission MUST be Edward and Bella related. For some reason, we still have problems getting people to grasp that we are a community dedicated to them, so fics for other characters won't make sense and, therefore, will automatically be disqualified.

  • ETA: Other than the E/B factor, there are no restrictions on content or rating.

  • the prizes: (yes, we have prizes!)
    the top three (3) winners will receive a Twilight movie mini poster (approx. 11x17) and a Comic-Con exclusive trading card set. Collapse )

    Please be aware that I will need a mailing address to send your prizes.

    All fics will be put to a community vote in a poll for a week. At that point, the winners will be contacted and prizes will be sent soon after.

    You have two weeks to write and submit your one-shot. All fics should be linked in a comment here by 12AM PST August 20th.

    Have at it! We can't wait to see what you all come up with. If you're not a fic writer and still want a prize...don't fret. We'll have something for you soon enough. ;)


    As we'll be resuming moderated posting in just a few hours, I thought it necessary to give a few reminders before we began again.

  • Please keep in mind that if you submit a post right when we go back to accepting posts, it won't be accepted right away. It seems that a lot of people either missed or ignored our modpost and continued to submit posts to the queue. We currently have around 40 sitting there, waiting to be accepted or rejected, and it's going to take a little than longer to get through them all -- just so that we don't flood the community at once. We'll be starting from the bottom and working our way up, so please be patient.

  • Individual Breaking Dawn reaction posts will be rejected. We welcome discussion posts but every.single.person (remember! we currently have 6669 members!) posting their reactions to the book gets a little redundant. We'll set up another discussion post so everyone can continue discussing with each other.

  • Posts with spoilers to Breaking Dawn should be under an lj-cut, otherwise they will be rejected. THIS INCLUDES ICON/GRAPHIC PREVIEWS, FIC TITLES/SUMMARIES, FANMIXES, ETC. Play nice! Not everyone has gotten the book yet and trust me, we hate rejecting posts for stupid reasons.

  • We can't control comments, but we please ask that you be as courteous as possible with spoilers. That said, I repeat that we can't control comments, and if you don't want to be spoiled, you might want to leave the community until you read the book -- otherwise, it's not our fault if you get spoiled.

  • Even with the separate discussion posts, for those who liked it and those who didn't, we've run into a few problems and I'd just like to point everyone back to welurklate's awesome modpost from a few weeks back. POINT STILL STANDS: not everyone will agree on everything, you're free to say what you please, but please don't attack those who feel differently from you. If you don't like the negativity? Stay away from it, ignore it. If you don't understand how someone could love the book? Too bad, so sad; it's not your job to harass people who do.

  • I really hate that we always have to repeat this fact, but: we are an Edward/Bella community. The relationship between those TWO. Any family: the Cullens, Charlie, or even BFF Jacob, etc, are just additions and not everyone has to like them. Again: Edward/Bella. Please keep that in mind before you post or even comment.

  • Hopefully after we begin accepting/rejecting posts, you won't see us mods posting as much as we have these last few days. If at any point, you have a question, concern, or if a situation pops up that we should be aware of, please let us know via the Page-a-Mod post, and we'll do our best to take care of it.

    Thanks, everyone! Around 12AM PST, we'll begin going through the posts.
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    First-day sales figures - USA Today

    Borders Group announced in a statement that approximately 1,000 Borders and Waldenbooks stores throughout the U.S. and its site sold more than a quarter million copies of Stephenie Meyer's "Breaking Dawn" in total on its first day of sales, Saturday, Aug. 2.

    It officially went on sale beginning at 12:01 a.m. Saturday and was snapped up by eager fans, hundreds of thousands of whom attended special midnight release parties to get the book the moment it became available. The first-day "Breaking Dawn" sales total is nearly 10 times what the retailer's first-day sales were for "Eclipse," the third book in the series, illustrating the saga's fast-growing popularity.

    BEWARE: There are some spoilers, but as quotes about the plot from SMeyer.

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    The Hachette Book Group estimates 1.3 million copies were sold on Saturday after being released at 12:01 a.m. It was its largest first-day sales record. In anticipation of demand, an additional 500,000 copies were printed before publication, bringing the total to 3.7 million.

    (Still, nothing competes with Harry Potter. Last July, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows sold 8.3 million books in its first 24 hours on sale.)

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