March 29th, 2008


haha so maybe I am the only one... but I don't pay attention to detail whatsoever, so I didn't pay close attention when SM desribed Edward (or anyone really) I only caught the gist of how beautiful he was.... and I guess when bella describes edward, and talks about his beauty.. I kind of always pictured Hayden Christianson *blushes* andd I just watched Jumper.. and bella (kristen stewart) is in like one of the last scenes with him.. I thought it was really weird though lol.
I was wondering.. who did y'all picture as Edward, or any of the characters actually?
I always pictured Bella as some girl from my school, idk why but when ever I read it.. I picture her?!?
and Edward.. well I pictured Hayden Christianson because there definitely isn't anyone near that beautiful that I knew in person, and he just sort of popped in my head when I thought of Edward.

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Alright, so I don't know how I wanted to start a greeting in this community...but instead of a greeting, I'm gonna start on a discussion thing. :)
This is one of Stephenie Meyer's Twilight FAQ on her site, so some of you are familiar with it...

What CD is Bella listening to in Chapter Seven?

I took that information out because I wasn't sure how long it was going to take to get Twilight published. If it took ten years, would the band still be cool, or would it be embarrassing? Lucky for me, it didn't take that long, and the band is still quite cool (in my eyes, at least). Bella is listening to Linkin Park. As I am at this very moment.

Now, at first...I thought this was hilarious. Because I could imagine Bella singing to Linkin Park, though I couldn't imagine Edward listening to it. But the other day...first thing in the morning, I put on my favourite Linkin Park Album, Meteora. When I was listening to it (as well as while I was straightening my hair), The lyrics of the songs caught me. I had to say loudly, "Oh my god". It's silly, I know, but I was in deep thought. It really fits with some of the situations in the whole Twilight series.

Did anyone actually listen to Linkin Park and thought about this? Or was anyone kind of making a face about it? :P

The truth about your thoughts.

I've never posted here before so here it goes:
I know alot of people are excited for the movie but I would like to know your EXACT thoughts on it. Do you have any mixed feelings about it? Is there a part of you that wishes this wasn't happening?

Like most Twilight-fans, I am pretty excited for the movie yet there is another side to me that wishes they would just leave it. I'm afraid this is going to ruin the books for me or that it will be a total bomb.

It's funny because before when the movie didn't even exist, I wanted it to hit the big screens so bad. Now that it's happening...eeeeeh!

Does anybody else feel the same or am I alone?

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so i had to babysit @ 8 this morning so i turned on the TV and found a show called "Vampire High" on the Space Channel. I started watching it and then it hit reminded me so much Twilight with the characters and kind of the setting.

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Two things:

01. CONGRATS! I've been so out of it that I completely missed the date, but we now have over 2000 members. This is truly amazing, especially considering the rapid growth rate, and, on behalf of all the mods, I want to thank you all for being great members and for all your contributions to the community! We have many exciting things ahead, yo.

02. With the amount of members that we have, we thought it would be a good idea to get another moderator for the community. SAY HELLO TO welurklate! I have nothing but excellent things to say about her because she's freaking amazing so we're really happy to have her on board with us. Please welcome her; she likes pretty/sparkly things so, I don't know, spam her with your favorite Rob pictures.

Sort of OT: A little self-promotion! oc_craze and myself have started a Jasper/Alice fansite. It's still a work in progress, and most of the content isn't up yet, but check it out if you want. ;)

a question and something i noticed

ok i don't know if this has already been discussed, but i've had a thought. since the book is in bella's POV do you think they'll have kristen narrate parts of the movie or what? just details, like the thoughts in the book that bella doesn't say outloud. i just think it would be interesting if she narrated for what she was thinking sometimes, like her personal thoughts about edward when she looks at him or when she thinks about him. what do you think?

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Hey guys!
I made a really big batch this time - 93 icons. I really hope you like it! :)

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[27] LOST, cast
[7] Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
[3] Gaspard Ulliel
[16] Pushing Daisies, cast
[21] Kristen Stewart
[14] Clémence Poésy
[2] Robert Pattinson, animated
[3] Daniel Faraday, animated


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