March 27th, 2008

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So I was browsing lyrics to a favorite band on mine new CD.. and there is a song that's just like.. 'OMG EDWARD/BELLA!'

So I thought I would share and see what you all think!

(By the way, I'm Jennifer, been a member for a while.. First time poster. I like long walks on the beach, free things, shiny things, cats, and the occasional Mojito. Totally kidding.. kind of. anyway. HI.)

Honey - The Hush Sound

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Black box?

Right now, I'm reading eclipse and there's this really weird part where Edward goes up to Bella's room and holds a strange black box..I asked my friend (Who read all 3 books twice) this question and she replied saying she doesn't know, although they do mention it sometimes. I don't have the book right now, but I know they mention the black box in chapter 2...

I'm only up to chapter 5 and I'm starting to get curios about it...if it's a spoiler, then I would prefer you don't say, but is it something important?

Does anyone know what this is? Thanks!
Sasha Pivovarova

Robert, Robert...

From Twilight Moms:

My source gave me a piece of very delicious adorable information, about a very funny incident on set!.. Heres was my source had to say:

Rob is supposed to be quite athletic, right? Okay, well, he is. We were rehearsing a scene where he's running and there was this cord that was lying in the middle of the road. Now, remember, Rob is very agile and he's definitely /not/ clumsy, but he tripped over this cord and stumbled.
We all laughed and he had to start the run again. The next time, he stumbled over something else (a crick?) and we had to redo it /again/. The third time, this girl, Lisa, who works with stage directions was yelling,

"Go left, Rob! Left! Left!"

He went right and then he stopped, looked back at us, and said,

"I give up!!!" 

Lulz, I'd love to see Rob trip! He's so adorkable!

[pucca] pucca - sonrisota

edward/emmett/jasper/cullens, funny icons (:

So here's another bunch of funny icons. Some are pervs too LOL. I'm taking requests as well C: Enjoy!

Text-icons // here's the list:
+ The Cullens (except Esme), Jacob, Sam, Seth, Charlie & Jane!! Oh, and Bella
+ Alice name
+ Funny icons
+ So not funny icons but I added them anyways

BTW, AGAIN, the idea of all the red-cross icons isn't mine. It was inspired by someone who made that one with Edward. I'm still looking for that person who made it to give her/him proper credits. Pleaseee tell me who made it! All credits of that idea goes to that person, I just made another bunch of icons with the same concept D:


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