March 26th, 2008

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pro-edward/cullens, funny icons C:

Hello there, this is my first time making icons so please be gentle, I tried to make my best. OMG! I was sooo desperated to make these icons!! I was like... something happened or someone said something and I needed to make an icon of that. I'm also taking requests if you want something C:

All of them are text-icons. Here's the list:
+ Pro-Edward, Pro-Jacob, Pro-Carlisle & Pro-Sam
+ Team Switzerland
+ The Cullens
+ Team PERV
+ Sarcastic, ironic & funny icons
+ Cullens names and some random twilight icons
+ Teams


Follow me, we have 123 cookies C:
[Doug] The Beets


Some Decent & Some Craptacular
[1-12] Harry Potter
[13-20] Twilight
[21-22] Edward Scissorhands
[23-25] Romeo and Juliet
[26-41] The Breakfast Club
[42-43] P!nk
[44-61] Across the Universe
[62-70] Carnivale
[71] Grease 2
[72] Empire Strikes Back
[73] Logans Run
[74] Tom Sturridge
[75] The X-Files
[76] Sailor Moon


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HQ Pictures on the movie set!

Hello ladies, it's Mae here. Yes, the Mae who took pictures with Robert (also on youtube with Robert meeting "fans").
I'm a noob at this livejournal stuff, so I'm quite proud of myself for actually getting on here.

Anyways, I just wanted to let you all know that I've added 4 new HQ pictures of Robert with my sister and I on my flickr site. Remember, please ask before using my pictures and give me credit!

~ Mae

I just added 4 more pictures (not HQ) of me and my sister on the set. Courtesy of our new friend, Bella Morte! :)
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