March 17th, 2008

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Fanfic post

Title: LOVE is the tie that binds
Author: potterfriendz
Pairing: Edward/Bella; canon pairings
Rating: R (possible NC-17 later)
Edward and Bella are beginning their first year of college.  Nothing is going the way it should and when it seems that all is lost, love will bring it together.  Family will be more important than first thought.  All characters are human.
Word count: 2,048
Author's note: I want to thank quidditch323 for being my partner in crime when I told her my idea for this story.  And a huge thank you for my beta lastgreatcause for all the hard work and patience.  *hugs*

 Chapter 1- Moving Day

 Disclaimer:  I own nothing of Stephenie Meyer’s brilliant mind.  All characters are hers, even if I wish Edward was real.

 A/N:  Here’s to my first Twilight fic.  *cheers*  I’m looking forward to what you think.  Review away!



“I think we got the last of it!  We’re ready to hit the road.”  My dad was calling up from the bottom of the stair case. 


“I’ll be right down.”  I stood back, looking at the emptiness of our house.    


I felt an arm go around my waist.  “You know, you were 4 years old when you decided you wanted to become a doctor.   I never knew whether or not to be mad at your brothers or glad.  That poor bookcase never knew what hit it and you were knocked out cold.   Emmett and Jasper were chasing you around the upstairs and yelling that vampires were after you.  All I could hear was you screaming that you didn’t want fangs.” 

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Twilight bookmarks

 OK, i have been becoming a serious adobe photoshop elements 2.0 geek (see?  Proof right there!  Who knows the exact model of icon/pictured editor like i do?).  BUT the results are amazing.  Like four of my icons.  Now, sadly, i have made no twilight icons becuase i feel that if i make a twilight icon, everything would have already been done and a cliche.  BORING.  SOOOOOO to solve my want of making something for all you twilight fans i decided to try my hand at making bookmarks!  Turns out i'm pretty good at it :)  SO..... to the point!!  I have four-count 'em FOUR- awesome twilight series related bookmarks (sry, not posting the icons because i'm too lazy... :P but comment if you want them and i'll post 'em in a comment (or something like that) or on my LJ (more likely on my LJ because my friends are tired of getting a million e-mails of prototype icons....) so yeah.  Hope you enjoy everything!!!!

sry about the poor quality.... I'll be working on that (and posting it again for you guys to comment on!!)  it's really easy to fix.... it's a matter of actually doing it...... please forgive me!!) so yeah.  And i've printed them all out but my printers running out of black ink so all the new moon ones and the eclipse one is bad and turned bright red (i printed out the twilight one a while ago...)
Now, as for whats on them..... Eclipse is the poem Fire and Ice by Robert Frost (located in front of book) New Moon A is the back of the New Moon book.  New Moon B is the excerpt from Romeo and Juliet, located in the front of the book.  Twilight is the back of the book.  So yeah.  Please, forgive me, the graphics suck, but i'll fix everything and get it all back to you guys!!  Thanks and i'd love for you to comment!!!
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Random question :)

Hey quick question that's been lingering in my my head for a while. Does anyone know what Twilight's going to be rated when it comes out on movie? Would it be PG or would they add a little bit more full on violence and go M ????? just wondering.
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