March 15th, 2008

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YAY! It's group hug time!

We've reached 1500 members! (That was me taking a page from Steph's, aka poetrytoprose, book. She likes the blinking). Anyhow, on behalf of all the mods we would like to say that each and everyone of you at lion_lamb rocks. Seriously. I love you all and want you to be my friend. Thank you so much for all of your contributions! Steph and I were discussing how this is the best community ever and how we usually hear Twilight news here first. You guys are just that awesome. And I'm not just saying all of this because I am desperately trying to procrastinate from writing papers, which will inevitably lead to me failing school when I don't write them. Nope, I really mean it. :D

Now, just three reminders:

  • Tags? They are love; they are your friend, so please tag your posts! I beg you. Every time someone tags their post, I get happy. You have no idea. Once again, tags help fellow members find what they're looking for, they help keep the community organized, and they save the mods from having to tag each entry themselves. If you cannot find the appropriate tag to label your post with, then message one of the mods and suggest a new tag to them, or leave a comment on one of the !modpost entries like this one.

  • Speaking of tags, when you're trying to find something specific, why not use them? For example, for fic recs and stuff, all you have to do is click on the tag list at the left and you're bound to find something. Doing this also helps from some questions becoming repetitive. Not that I'm discouraging discussions, etc. Go for it!

  • Please keep all large images and all fanfiction under an lj-cut. It stops our members' friends' page from stretching and is just aesthetically pleasing.

    If you have any comments/questions/suggestions/concerns/etc., please feel free to leave a comment to this entry. If you'd prefer to be more private, feel free to message one or all of the mods: pinkbutterflies (except from 3/18-3/22 as I shall be in NYC), poetrytoprose, and restlessdreams. We really do love hearing from everyone as we want to make this community the best we can for you guys and are open to all suggestions.

    As always, Edward and Bella = ♥.
  • Fanfic - If you're going, stay gone, chapter 3

    Title: If you're going, stay gone
    Chapter: Home (3/?)
    Characters/Pairing: Edward/Bella. Cullen family with canon pairings.
    R (for future chapters)
    the wonderful ishtar14

    Previous chapters:

    Chapter I, New Beginnings.
    Chapter II, Hard Times.

    Summary: Ten years after her transformation, Bella's life is only just beginning. But when her first day in high school pushes her back into the human world as a vampire, fears she thought she had buried deep down surface again and her life with the Cullens start crumbling down.

    “Your daydreaming is the most interesting thing,” he said. “Vampires are excellent at multi tasking, but you don’t seem like you can do more than one thing at a time. When you get lost into daydreaming, it almost feels like you’re gone.”
    stepping on each other chucks

    Looking for a beta

    Hey guys,

    I've been lurking around here for a little while, but have yet to post.  I do have a question for anyone interested.  I've just started writing up a fic and I'm scouting for a beta reader.  This fic will AU and the characters are all human.  It's based around Edward and Bella, but will drift to other characters POV when needed.  The rating will eventually turn R or higher.  I have only written a handful of fanfics all together, so I'm not as experienced as others.  Let me know if you are up to the task.  I do try to do a lot of proofing and I do have a friend reading it over, but I'd prefer one more set of eyes. 

    Thank you guys :)
    Blonde Bombshell

    Oneshot! Non-smutty E+B story!

    Title: The Forks Annual Easter Egg Hunt

    Author: Bombshell_chic
    Characters/Pairings: Bella/Edward
    Rating: G
    Warnings: Fluffy! Cheesy! Corny! And maybe a teeny bit suggestive towards the end!

    Disclaimer: I make no profit from writing or posting this. 
    Summary: Bella goes hunting, and Edward helps!

    Notes: I’ve become rather enamoured with Forks since I’ve started planning my trip there, and The Forks Annual Easter Egg Hunt is a very real event that I’ve read about on the Chamber of Commerce website. I have no idea how it’s organised, how big it is, or if the kids hunt for plastic eggs or foil-wrapped chocolate ones, so I embellished here for the fun of it. I hope you enjoy a bit o’ holiday fluff!
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    Dedicated to the lovely folk at the Forks Chamber of Commerce! 


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