March 12th, 2008

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Bella/Edward 'Puffy' Fan Art

Hi there! I've been watching this community for a few months now, but only just decided to join so I could share a piece of fan art. I like to draw various fandoms in the style of potterpuffs. The one below is very loosely based on the scene in Twilight when Edward reveals his sparkliness to Bella for the first time.

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Fic Rec?

Hi! I'm going on a longish trip (8 days) starting tomorrow. I'm bringing all my books so I can reread them, but I was thinking of bringing some fic. SO, let me ask you, what one Bella/Edward fic is truly the exceptional stand-out in the fandom? I'm very new here, but most fandoms have their famous fics. I can totally take more than one suggestion, but I leave in 6 hours so I haven't got the time to save that many! I really have no requirements besides that it be Bella/Edward, and I'm not so much into AU (though I could be convinced for a must-read). Links will earn you love, too, for saving me more time :)
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I hate school, I've been all the week doing homework! I'm so tired, so I didn't make lots of icons. But finally I made an Edward and Bella manip (I'm new on this). Comment your opinion ;)

[1-11] Gilmore Girls (season 1: 'The Lorelai's First day at Chilton)
[12-19] Kristen Bell
[20-28] Gwen Stefani music video: 'Cool'
+3 Edward and Bella headers


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