March 4th, 2008



The new reality series. Coming to a bad local tv station with a teen angst prime time hour near you:

Starring: Isabella Swan, Edward Cullen, and the gang.
Be the first to witness the epic soundtrack, before the show rapes your eyes and tv sets.
Brought to you by: kisuvampyr and desert_dolly

(click image for zip file. Track list and explinations behind teh cut.)

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I made some more promo iconz we so need new picties and some Kellan Lutz as Emmett ones <3!

[15] Harry Potter (Rupert, Voldemort, Cedric, etc)

Twilight total of 30
[04] Eclipse // Eclipse Quote
[03] Cars
[05] Breaking Dawn
[01] Quote
[06] Cullens (promo picties!)
[10] Kellmett (aka Kellan Lutz and Emmett Cullen ones!)

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All here @ charmingways

if you have seen this like many many times, forgive me!! i just went x-posting everywhere!! HAHA, you are completely allowed to ahte me haha