December 24th, 2007

Fanmix: Endless Nights (Edward/Bella)

Fanmix:  Endless Nights (Edward/Bella)
About: My first fanmix, my first post. Thought I'd join the love (: I sort of combined New Moon & Eclipse because I really wanted to include the drama between Edward & Bella from both of the books (but I'll probably end up making a new fanmix for New Moon altogether..)

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E/B Fanmix

Fanmix: Heart Strings + Promises (Edward/Bella)
Fandom: Twilight/New Moon
Just a mini-mix I made to post in the community. Four songs only. I hope you enjoy it!

Songs are uploaded invidually. Please don't ask for a .zip, my computer is running slow and it's impossible for me to upload one. MP3 format.

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