December 22nd, 2007

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I promised I'd scan the illustrations if they were not already scanned when I received the books, so here. I bent my precious books for your enjoyment. ;)

Things you are going to see illustrated:

1- Extremely hot Edward.
2- Extremely badass and very naked Jacob. :o
3- Berserk!Rosalie wearing her wedding dress all covered in blood. Yup.
4-Berserk!Jasper and extremely sexy Jasper. *thumbs up*
5- Super cute Alice!
6- Huge werewolf, and when I say huge I mean HUGE!
7- Bella with red eyes. Wtf. :D (See cover of book 9)
8- Graduation!Edward and Bella. LMAO
9- Scary Victoria, or whatever.
10- Mini Jane and some other Volturi guys.

see the rest here @ my journal.

we sure are cute for two ugly people.

Hello! Thanks to everyone who has joined the community these last few weeks. I made an entry earlier this month when we had reached 650 and now, not much later, we have 766 members. Right on!

In case you don't read Stephenie's myspace, she made a new blog entry tonight announcing that she has finished the rough draft of Breaking Dawn. You can read more about it at the link, but here's the breakdown of the books so far:
* Remember, the BD numbers are based on the rough draft and will change in the editing process, but this will give you the general idea.

Pages on my computer: 475
Word count: 118,501
Pages in book form: 498

Pages on my computer: 528
Word count: 132,807
Pages in book form: 563

Pages on my computer: 611
Word count: 147,930
Pages in book form: 629

Pages on my computer: 775!!
Word count: 192,196!!
Pages in book form: barring some kind of massive editing cut, I'm guestimating right around eight hundred pages!!

Hee, so I guess we have a nice, hefty book to look forward to next fall (which better include vampire!Bella and sex).

Before this gets to tl;dr lengths, I'd like to pimp my friend colorbox's Edward/Bella fanmix. She didn't read past the first book, but she managed to come up with this -- and it has gorgeous cover art and superb music. I urge you all to go, download it, and leave her nice comments.

dawn is my mercy

Alright, that's it from me. Happy (and safe!) holidays, everyone!