December 20th, 2007

Fluff Contest!

Hello, lovelies!

Over at bellacookies, we will be having a fluff contest! There will be two prompts, so you can do either one or both.

The prompts:

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For more information, go to bellacookies! Go, now! I encourage you!

An incentive: A lovely banner - I'm not kidding, it's really amazing. There are going to be 4 winners, so there are going to be 4 awesome banners.
  • nyaza


So... I love Alice&Jasper, and I've been working on them lately (cause I find it really difficult to work on Kristen&Robert even liking them u.u! Silly images!)

Anyway, some icons|manips featuring alexPettyfer!Jasper, RachelLeighCook!Alice

(6) Alice
(9) Alice&Jasper
(3) Jasper
(2) Ed&Bella
(1) Ed


Manips and walls:


This way @ nyaza