December 18th, 2007



SOOO, Do to the explosion of my in-box with comments this morning, I assumed people enjoyed my perviness, and with inspiration from my new invisible friends over at the lexicon, I made everyone some more ^_^.

Keep the comments coming, I do love them so.

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Movie Poster (again!) & something else.

I finally got some decent inspiration... but still all my Robert pics refused to play nicely with my Kristen pics. So I improvised.

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  Also, I posted this blurb in a comment a few posters down, and I thought you guys would get a kick out of it...

An Open Letter / Petition to Robert Pattinson:

Dear Robert Pattinson and his Agent, We the fans of Twilight, (signed below) would greatly appreciate new pictures of Robert. We are finding it difficult to show our love of Twilight & Robert in fan art with the current selection of pictures. Would you please set up a new photoshoot with Robert in the following:

Situations;  Laying in the grass, Sparkling, Running, Driving, Standing in the rain, Kissing someone who is easily removable, Standing as if next to somebody (for easier manips. haha)

Moods;  thoughtful, loving, angry, sad, concerned, happy, thirsty,

We would also appreciate if the images could be available in High Quality to better allow us to manipulate them to our liking.

Thank you for your time,
 The Twilight Fan Base.

Xposted everywhere. lol.
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97 more icons, Gaspard centric for Jacquou le Croquant and Le Dernier Jour and some Kristen/Rob Twilight icons with quotes.

[01-25] Jacquou le Croquant
[26-62] Le Dernier Jour
[63-97] Twilight


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