December 2nd, 2007

RK: In a bed of flowers


As you all may of heard know the part of Bella Swan is going to be played by Kristen Stewart,  in much excitement my muse returned and this is what I can up with. I'm really happy with how the manip turned out, cause i'm usually pretty suck-y when it comes to manipulations. Please let me know what u guys think and if u decide to use it in anyway please leave a comment and credit thank you!

Credits: Textures: Rainharbour
stock : getty images
paintbrushes: rainharbour, devianart
pics:gaspardulliel online, Kristen Stewart Online
lyrics: Twisted- Carrie Underwood

Twisted- Edward and Bella

Doctor and Rose NNY
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-Twilight Series (These were all made prior to the actor announcements and therefore all contain Emily Browning as Bella and Gaspard Ulliel as Edward) (Three Wallpapers)
-First Nana Movie
-Ouran High School Host Club
-Harry Potter
-Connor Oberst
-The 4400 (& One Header)
-Vampire Knight (& One Header)
-Death Note (& One Header)
-Paradise Kiss
-Fullmetal Alchemist
-Angel Sanctuary
-Avatar (One Header)


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Edward news.

Apparently, they will be announcing the casting of Edward Cullen this Friday the 7th. :-)

[EDIT] Hey guys, just so you know, I didn't get this info from anywhere official. Just heard it from friends mostly. They're also talking about it a lot on different fan pages on myspace. So don't start hyperventilating just yet, you never know, it could be a big fat rumor. Also, don't come chasing after me with pitch forks if it turns out I'm wrong. I'm just passing on what I hear. :-)