November 29th, 2007


FIC : Numb / Edward/Bella [M]

Title: Numb
Author: boundary
Word Count: 977
Rating: M
Genre: Angst, Romance
Characters/Pairings: Edward/Bella
Short summary: Bella's freshly turned and still struggling with the lack of sensation her body feels. Her only answer is a scalding hot shower, but is that all she really wants?
Warnings: Sex.
Disclaimer: I merely rent, I do not own. Stephenie Meyer is my landlord.

( Edward was engaging in the heated discussion between Emmett, Jasper and Esme downstairs in the Cullens' massive house. He enjoyed listening in on each of their thoughts while another family member spoke. It was amusing how angry they were in their head, yet so relaxed in their response. Bella was upstairs reading, said she needed alone time. It worried Edward how much alone time she'd asked for recently. He didn't like letting her out of his sight, and also hated the vast space he'd have to put between them. )