November 25th, 2007

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okay, it's like the last time this week. promise.
i've just noticed this awesome screen cap from A Very Long Engagement and i couldn't really stop myself from doing something with it. so here we are, bella and edward after their wedding night :-P *lol*
i'm posting the fanart [which you are free to use just remember to credit me and all] as well as the wallpapers. enjoy and tell me what you think about it :-)
share one lifetime

share one lifetime

share one lifetime

and hey, gaspard ulliel has birthday today! :D
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I have another two fics to share today! :D

» Title: Numbed
» Pairing: Edward/Bella
» Rating: PG
» Notes: A scene of Bella during her 'zombie' period. I always wondered how Christmas was like in Forks, and then I realised that it was during December when only the months were featured in the book - so, this was how it sprang to mind.

» Title: Green
» Pairing: Edward/Bella
» Rating: PG
» Notes: A scene about the time Tanya came to visit the Cullens. I really had no idea what to write for this one and my thank herbeautifullie for giving me that idea that vanilla can be plain, boring etc. I never thought of it that way. Hugs for Ciara the genius!

FIC: Twilight - Safe & Sound (G)