November 19th, 2007

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book!Bella vs movie!Bella

somebody asked me a really interesting question. what will happen with all those graphic & stuff with gaspard and emily as edward and bella, since obviously they won't be in a movie.

i think that it would be such a waste to just say that all those really amazing fanart aren't just relevant anymore. and what i thought is to create umm some kind of two different fandoms, like to separate the book!Bella and the movie!Bella. so emily and gaspard will always be those perfect counterparts.

and kristen & soon-to-be-chosen-edward will be those movie characters.

what do you think?

(i hope that this kind of post is okay, if not please delete it or tell me to do it, thanx)

btw sorry for mistakes, my english grammar sucks :-P

Fic: Unintended, part two (Edward/Bella, R)

Title: Unintended
Author: boundary
Rating: R
Genre: Action/Adventure, Angst, Romance
Characters/Pairings: Edward/Bella
Short summary: Set six months after Eclipse. Edward and Bella are married, and Bella is a new born vampire. Bella is struggling with her own demons and Edward's trying his best to tend to her. Not a happy story, but one that I hadn't seen told.
Warnings: Sex, Hunting
Disclaimer: Stephenie Meyer owns Edward Cullen and sadly, I do not.

( Edward and I were never more in tune with each other than when we were hunting. Even though we couldn’t hear each other’s thoughts, we always knew what the other needed, or meant with a smile or nod of the head. He usually approached first, doing all the hard work that I wished he’d let me do. I knew he enjoyed it though, so I never fought him on it. And as I heard the loud thud that was our meal, I rushed to his side, ready to join him. )

Part One