October 31st, 2007

you > all

First, on behalf of myself and the other two mods, a BIG congratulations is in order. In less than a month, we managed to not only reach 300 members, but we're now in the 400s. Basically, you guys are AMAZING and it's been great seeing all your writing, icons, fan art, etc. Edward/Bella fans are greater than all, truly.

Second, I went through the "transcript" of Stephenie's chat tonight and figured it would be interesting to post some of the Edward and Bella related (and maybe some other random info) stuff. Nothing new, really, but her last two responses (especially the last) reinforce that it is absolutely Edward/Bella 100%. Collapse )

Squee, laugh, discuss.

Halloween is over in less than fifteen minutes here, but I hope all of you who celebrate it had a safe and enjoyable time. :)