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26 October 2007 @ 06:22 am
Because I noticed that the Twilight fandom doesn't seem to have one yet and who doesn't want to get gifts and spread holiday cheer?

Please join!

And if you don't join, please read what it's about first!  And if you decide not to join, please pimp it in your journal in case any of your other Twilight fan friends want to join!
I was just alerted to the existance of this community this morning, and I wanted to come and say hello. I am always excited to find a new place to read! I also wanted to invite anyone interested to stop by tm_switzerland:

A Twilight community that is not affected by territorial
disputes between mythical creatures!

We are primarily a fanfiction and fanart community, and we invite you to come by to read, post, discuss and just generally have fun with Twilight. :) Currently we have two writing challenges running. I hope you'll come by and see us.
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26 October 2007 @ 02:48 pm
Title: The Road Not Taken
Author: Daintress
Rating: PG-13 for now
Spoilers: Yes
Warnings: None
Pairing (if any): Edward/Bella
AN: This is the first true Edward/Bella story I have written. However, being that I am fundamentally tm_switzerland, it is going to be fairly incomprehensible to you if you have not read The Road Less Traveled. As you may have guessed, THAT story is NOT E/B. However, I wanted to go ahead and give you the link, in case you are interested in more than one 'ship. ;) Chapter 1, if you haven't read this as it was posting.

Summary: “Edward! We can’t just leave!” she hissed, looking back over her shoulder. No one was looking their direction. In fact, it appeared to her that everyone was very pointedly NOT looking in their direction. “They’ll all think we’re –“

“They won’t be far wrong,” Edward whispered, pulling her tightly against him as soon as the trees blocked the party from view. His eyes blazed down into hers.

( Chapter 14 )

Crossposted to twilight_book and tm_switzerland.
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