August 30th, 2007


"The Heart of Darkness," Chapter 2

Title: The Heart of Darkness
Author: book_rapport
Rating: Hard R, Eventually NC-17
Genre: Romance, Action/Adventure, Angst, Drama
Word Count: Approx. 7,780
Characters/Pairings: Edward/Bella, canon couples
Summary: Set post-Eclipse. Getting married without tripping her way down the aisle was supposed to be Bella’s biggest worry before she and Edward began eternity together. But the Volturi, an unforseen friend, and an unexpected enemy create more complications than even Alice could have predicted. Bella thought being dead would make things easier, but for once there’s more at stake than simply staying alive. And somehow, Forks is still at the heart of it all....
Warnings: Spoilers for Eclipse. Eventually graphic sex and violence; subsequent chapters will have more specific warnings when applicable.
Disclaimer: If I was Stephenie, this would be the plot of Breaking Dawn. Since I’m not, this fanfic is being posted without profit, but with smut. ;)
Author's Note 1: If this chapter is at all readable, then it is due to the efforts of the world's most amazing beta, snuggle_muggle. I cannot begin to convey the depths of my gratitude; she not only read every draft of this chapter, but provided insight, commentary, and, of course, the ever-watchful second pair of eyes I so desperately needed. She is truly phenomenal, and I cannot thank her enough. *hugs*
Author's Note 2: I also want to say thank-you to all the kind people who left absolutely lovely feedback on the last chapter. This one's for you! :D

Chapter 1

The next day I found myself being forcibly taken to Seattle in Alice’s yellow Porsche.