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Midnight Sun Speculations

Just some of my own speculations about this whole...Midnight Sun thing.

I'm not really sure where any of these thoughts came from, but I've read a lot of hate and disappointment after the whole 'MS on hold' thing. I've also read a lot of theories.

When I realized what a lot of people already had (that MS has been on stand still for the past two years), I began to think...what if it wasn't really? What if there was more story out there, more chapters typed up, that no one but SMeyer herself knew about?

I mean, think about; RPattz only needed a basis of Edward. Maybe those 12 chapters SMeyer decided were 'good enough' and those were the ones she was willling to risk. I mean, wouldn't it be wonderful to wake up in a six months and find out MS will be released in a month?

I realize this is far-fetched; I guess I was just so...devestated by the news that I began to think crazily. I really hope that SMeyer gets through whatever it is that's troubling her. Life can be hard sometimes; regular life, not just fame that someone can't fit into their life.

Please don't...bash me for being sympathetic. I realize that the fandom is still rather torn (bless my heart :[ ), but maybe...that's what's holding all of this back. I don't think Stephenie is so naive as to notice that her own fans are falling apart, her support base. You never know; maybe this whole 'MS on hold' thing is just a trick. Maybe she's counting on all of us to pull together as one again and root for her again.

Maybe she's trying to pull the fire off of BD.

Maybe she just wants peace of mind; to write without deadlines and death threats.

Or maybe I'm just utterly wrong.

Oh well, nothing wrong with voicing your opinions. (:

I just thought it would be nice to share with you all.

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