moiraca (moiraca) wrote in lion_lamb,

Early Feedback on Rob's Little Ashes Film

A member of IMDB has posted two messages on the Little Ashes IMDB page saying the following :

POST 1 (in response to a question on Rob's accent)

"I've seen a large chunk of the film and it's truly beautiful. I don't really remember about the accent, but to me that must be a good thing if it doesn't stick out in my mind as being bad! Can't wait til it's released so I can see the whole thing! "

POST 2 (when asked more details)

"can't let myself spoil the details for you, but the night in the water is truly beautiful, and there are some incredibly powerful moments, like the reactions, in particular Dali's, to the news at the end. Heartbreaking in places. "
Tags: robert pattinson
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