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Because I can't sleep...Here's a bit of fanart I drew a while ago...

I've been lurking around this community for a while and I figured I'd finally contribute something to it, so I come bearing fanart.

This is a graphite pencil drawing I did of Edward a while ago for my friend Beckie's 21st birthday. It's not perfect in any way, shape, or form and even after I was finished, it didn't end up looking ANYTHING like the Edward in my head, but then again, in my opinion, Edward's always been the character that's been hardest to get a clear image of...

I should also mention that in terms of fanart, I normally dabble in things related to Harry Potter, more specifically, things pertaining to the Marauder Era and because of that, my Edward seemed to have sprouted what I like to refer to as 'James Potter hair' it took all the effort I had not to draw a pair of glasses on there, let me tell you but since Edward is also described as having 'disheveled hair' I guess that's alright, haha.

So...take a look and I'd love it if you'd drop me a line and let me know what you think!

OH! And one more thing....the reference picture I used is of Erich Bergen who is a broadway actor currently playing the role of Bob Gaudio in the Las Vegas production of Jersey Boys ((GO SEE IT if you can, preferably with Erich playing the role of Gaudio because the show is amazing and he's simply dazzling.)) is HERE if you want to take a look,-- I didn't use his face, just his general pose, but Erich is probably the closest tangible person to what the Edward in my head looks like even he's not quite perfect...BUT, if Edward could sing, which, by the way, I'm sure he can because what can't Edward do, I'd imagine his voice would sound almost IDENTICAL to Erich's, so, if you'd like to hear Erich sing, just go HERE, then click on the MEDIA button at the bottom, click AUDIO, and then select a song from the juke box-- I'd personally reccomend 'Walking in Memphis' but he sounds amazing in ALL of them in my humble opinion. :)
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