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FF Updated - What you left behind

Hey Everyone! The next chapter is finally up :D

What you left behind
Author: whoremosexual
Characters/Pairing: Edward and Bella. All of the other Twilight couples will show their faces. :D
Rating: M
Category: Drama/Romance
Spoilers: There's no spoilers to any of the books. This is a BIG AU.
Summary: Bella and Edward were high school sweethearts but three years ago, she broke up with him and now Edward is back in town. will he find out the truth behind Bella breaking his heart?
Notes: Thanks to Galadeon over at FF.net for being my beta! :D

Read chapter. 9 - My favorite spot holder here or start with the first chapter here


I let out a big yawn as I walked out of my bedroom. Because I didn't get any good sleep the night before I crashed as soon as I got home last night. I had to let a smile come onto my face when I remembered last night.

When the tears finally dried, I let go of Edward – even though I didn't want to. He smiled as he pushed my hair out of my face.

Sorry about your shirt.” I told him when I noticed that it was stained with my tears.

No worries, I have plenty more at home.” He gently ran his fingertips down my face which sent chills down my back “How are you doing now?”

I smiled “I'm better now that you're here.” I knew my cheeks were becoming fire red.

I feel the same way.”

I walked into the kitchen, not noticing that the fridge door was wide open and someone was on the other side, bent down. I picked up the newspaper then flipped to the music page. I ran my index finger across Edward's name. I was about to read his article when I heard someone mumbled a swear word.

This was scary because it was a man's voice and I live in an apartment with another woman. Should I run to my room or Alice's? Do I grab something hard so I could knock him out?

The guy stood up with his back towards me. I couldn't control what I did next.

“Ah!” I screamed and only stopped when I saw who it was. “Jasper?”

Before he could say anything, Alice came running out of her room. She was wearing an over sized shirt that must have been Jasper's. “What the hell is going on?!”

“I scared Bella.” He tried not to laugh.

“Oh,”Alice wrapped her arm around Jasper's waist “You gave me a heart attack, Bells.”

“Alice, didn't we have...um...deal that we would tell the other person if a guy was staying over?” Me having a guy over would be a joke.

“I told you, silly. Last night, I left you a voice message.”

“Yes, you left me a voice message but all you said was 'Hey, Bella, I need to...oh my, Jensen Ackles' “

Alice giggled “Oh, Jensen. I remember, he was in a towel and I couldn't think right.”

Jasper started to look confused and sort of pissed “Wait, who the hell is Jensen Ackles?”

She got on the tip of her toes then gave him a quick kiss “You don't have to worry, Jasper. He's celebrity eye candy that I could never have.”

I just stood there, watching them.

“What if you could have him, would you?” Jasper asked.

“I would have hot,crazy sex with him then tell him I had a boyfriend I love with all of my heart.” Alice smiled up at him.

“Then, you will come home to me?”

“Of course.” She told him.

“That's all I'm asking for.” He smiled as he kissed her then walked back into Alice's room.

“You guys are weird.” I told Alice as I started making coffee.

“I know but we're in love so it's all good.” She pulled a box of cereal out of the cabinet then started to munch on the chocolate puffs. “I'm sorry, Bella. I will make sure I talk to you before Jasper sleeps over.”

I put my hand in the cereal box and grabbed a hand-full of the puffs “It's not a big deal. He just scared me, that's it.”

I looked at the clock. It read 8 o'clock. I needed to get to work so I could finish up some leftover work. “I'm going to take a shower then head to work.”

“Alright...Oh, Jasper needs to see you in his office later.” Alice told me.

I had to tell myself not to worry but what would he want to talk to me about? I didn't ask Alice because I knew she wouldn't tell me.

When I got the office, it was already ten. As I waited for the elevator my cell phone started to buzz. It was a text message from Alice:

Don't worry, Bells. It's good, not bad. I smiled to myself.

She knew me too well. With the ding of the elevator, I walked into it without taking my eyes off my phone. Of course, I didn't noticed that I was about to walk into someone.

“I'm sor-” I looked up at the person and was shocked to see it was Edward. He was trying to stop himself from laughing.

“It's ok, Bella. I have got used to you not watching were you're going.” Part of me wanted to be pissed at him for making fun of me but the other part wanted to throw him against the elevator wall and jump his bones. I shook that thought of my head. It was not the time to have dirty thoughts.

“Very funny, Edward.” I pushed the number with a “19” on it.

“How are you doing?”

Amazing. Wonderful. Happy because I have him near me. “Great. You?”

“Really good.” Edward showed his crooked smile to me.

When we got to his floor, I wasn't ready for him to leave. I tried to hide the fact that I was upset. Before Edward walked out of the elevator , he turned to face me.

“We should bump into each other more often.” Edward walked away, leaving me breathless.

As soon as the elevator doors closed, I could help but to jump up and down. I don't know what came over when I did that but just hearing those words come out of his mouth made me feel like a twelve year-old schoolgirl.

I spent the next couple of hours trying to work but I ended up thinking about Edward. Every time he would talk to me or even touch me, it felt like the man who loved me before was coming back. Was I crazy? Am I just seeing his kindness for loving me? I needed to tell him the truth but what if he told me that he couldn't forgive me. Would I be able to survive that? I truly don't think I could.

I remembered I needed to see Jasper so I headed to his office. I knocked once then heard his voice from the other side.

“Come in!”

I opened the door to find Alice standing by Jasper's desk, taking notes. “Hey, Bella” she greeted me.

“Hey, I just came because Jasper needed to talk to me but I can come back later.”

“No, it's fine. We can finish this later.” Alice told me then left the room.

“After thinking about it for some time, I have decided to give you front page story.” Jasper told me.

My mouth dropped. I couldn't believe he was giving the front page. I sat down in the chair that was across from Jasper's desk “Thank you so much.”

Jasper smiled “You're very welcome, Bella.” He spent the next ten minutes telling me that I would be writing an article about the Seattle Music Fest which was in two days. He went on to say that I would meet many of the bands and singers which made me even more excited.

Before I left his office, Jasper told me “Oh, Bella, you will be going to the fest with Edward Cullen. I hope you don't mind.”

“Of course not.” I managed to let those words come out of my mouth.

“That's great. He will meet you there around ten a.m.”

I made it to my office before I started to freak out. I closed the door behind myself as I took in deep breaths. Spending the whole day with Edward would be better than amazing which sent my insides on a roller coaster ride. I didn't let myself think about any uncomfortable moments we might have. No one could take away this incredible feeling.

Two days later...

My hands were shaking as I drove into the very large parking lot. I tried not to be nervous but I couldn't help myself. While I was looking for a spot to park, which was very hard, I saw Edward standing in the middle of an empty spot. I let out a little laugh when I realized that he was literally holding a spot for me.

Edward moved out of the way so I could park. He opened my car door. “Good morning.” His heavenly voice greeted me.

“Good morning,” I got out of the car “Thanks for the spot.”

He chuckled “You're welcome. I hope you know I almost died for it.”

“Really?” I tried not to laugh.

“Yep. Those folk music fans almost took me down.”

I couldn't help but to laugh “I bet you would have kicked their asses.” I started to walk away. I tried to make that sound sexy but I ended up sounded like an idiot.

When I noticed that Edward wasn't following me, I turned to found him still by my car with his mouth hanging open. What was wrong? Did I do something? “Edward, are you coming?!” I called out to him.


Because we were a part of the press, we got to skip all of the lines. Edward and I were given wristbands so we could go backstage. A couple of hours passed and we had seen at least twenty bands.

“Edward?” We were walking around the fest, waiting for the next band to start playing.


“I wanted to thank you for last night. You have no idea how much that helped me out.” I could feel the tears coming back to my eyes.

Edward took my hand which stopped me from walking then placed the other on my cheek. I just stood there, shocked. “No matter what happened in the past, I will always be here for you. Please never forget that.”

All I could do was shake my head 'yes'. I took my other hand and placed it on his hand that was on my cheek.

“Thank you.”

At that moment I wanted to tell him. Just to let the truth come out but I stopped those words from escaping.

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