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Poem Inspired by New Moon

 Hi. This is my first time posting on here, but I've been a member and watching for some time. A couple weeks ago or so I wrote a poem of out pure boredom that was inspired by Bella's whole situation with Edward and Jacob in New Moon and the following books. I'm not too sure how it came out so feel free to let me know. I'm good at taking criticism. 

Hopefully I post this correctly, I'll try to figure it out right... 

Let's see if anyone can analyze or interpret this thing how I wrote it to be =]

                            Won’t, Shouldn’t, Can’t Love  


You won’t love me for long;

But please don’t back away.

It’s impossible for you to look at me,

And see me clearly; you can’t feel the same.


We’re out of odds, all off balance.

It doesn’t make sense for you to stick around,

We’re not matching odds, just odds that don’t match.

Too different: you too perfect, me too plain.


You shouldn’t love me, not at all.  

You’re not mine, and I’m not yours.

It’s not meant to go this way, not in this life, not this time;

But you’re here, my only light in the pitch dark; he’s not.


It’s so easy to be around you, to forget about the hole he’s left;

You’re my sun, shining steadily and keeping me fixed in your gravity.

But it’s not enough, you aren’t enough;

You love me too much, I don’t love you enough: you’re too good, I’m too broken.


You can’t love me; it’s not possible, not probable.

I’ve done nothing for you, given nothing; been selfish.

You’ve saved me more times than one should count.

Complicate things, hurt you: is all I do.


You came back; you can’t leave me.

I’m too weak, too selfish, to give up either of you.

You won’t; shouldn’t; can’t love me;

But you do. You're my existence and you my sun.   


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