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New chapter: The Bella Jar

Title: The Bella Jar
Author: libertine_skins
Rating: t (for now)
Spoilers:  well interesting Q, the fanfic talks about all except BD, but the time is all off (ie, takes place after Edward leaves Bella in New moon- but numerous aspects of other books fit in... i know i didn't realise until after.
Summary: Renee convinced Bella to leave Forks when she reached her catatonic stage. NOT HALF WAY THROUGH NEW MOON THOUGH.  Wolfs do not exist but Jacob is in story, the rest of the gang will filter in. Bella is in Psych ward. and Edward, well he should be.
A/N: I AM AUSTRALIAN. sorry in advance for my 'funky' spelling and slang. its what we do here.
please R & R its been a while

chapter 1- checkmated
chapter 5- silhouttes and broken hearts (NEW)   EDWARDS POV.
Tags: fanfiction

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