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Help Needed with Project Yearbook!

*Thank you to poetrytoprose for allowing me to post this.*

Hi everyone! My name is Taylor, and I work at a site called Novel Novice Twilight and we're working on a project called Twilight Yearbook, basically what it is is creating the Yearbook that Forks High would have had during the year that took place during Twilight. This includes things like class pictures, sports teams, and everything else a normal yearbook would consist of. While brainstorming ideas, someone mentioned signatures. You know, those little dedications you used to write to your friends? For example:

Dear Bella,
I'm so glad you moved to Forks, so that I could get to know you this year. You are one of the strongest and bravest friends that I have.
Love Always, [your name]

So if you've always wanted to say something to a character, now's your chance! Send them to my e-mail taylor.novel_novice@yahoo.com by September 6th to be in our Yearbook!

You can read more about it at our site or at our newly created livejournal!

Thanks for your help!!
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