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In Jasper's Care - Chapter V

Title: In Jasper's Care - Chapter V
Author: Elisabeth_l and NiceIceEdward
Character's/Pairing: Edward, Bella/Jasper
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: Twilight, NM & Eclipse, BD never happened so no spoilers
Summary:  Jasper continues to nurse Bella as each of them worry about how Edward and Alice might be handling the discovery of their abduction, and whether or not they know what's happened.

Disclaimer: We own nothing, Everthing is the genius of Stephenie Meyer.

Chapter I / Chapter II / Chapter III / Chapter IV

**A/N:  A special thank you in this chapter to Princess Hayley...for she is always both lavish with her praise, and inspiring in her exuberance.**

Chapter V
Island in the Sun

His sparkling reminded me of the biggest difference between us, "Jasper! Have I been bleeding?"

I felt horrible.  Jasper had such a hard time being strong.  I was deeply worried I might have caused him discomfort.  I looked into Jasper's eyes, beyond the shocking sparkling he was doing.

He broke our gaze and looked down at the sand beside him.  "A wasn't bad.  I think spending so much time in the saltwater may have helped seal the wound some.  I think it is infected though, and I don't have anything to help with that."  I could tell that even my little bit of bleeding, as he'd put it, had caused him struggle, and that he was ashamed by it.

I cautiously pushed myself up and laid a hand on Jasper's.  "Thank you Jasper, I'm sorry if it was hard for you.  I'm sure I'll be fine."  I struggled to sit up a little higher.  I was annoyingly weak.

Jasper seemed to realize that I was trying to stand.  He stood and leaned over, putting his hands under my arms, he lifted me to my feet.

"Oh!" I exclaimed once I looked up.  My balance was precarious, but I didn't want to sit back down at all.

The beach was beautiful.  It was in a small cove, water everywhere in one direction, and dense green foliage in the other.  Jasper chuckled behind me.  "It's slightly beautiful, isn't it?" he said.  I nodded in agreement, still to fascinated to pull my eyes away or speak.  After a moment, my head cleared and I asked, "We're in the middle of nowhere, aren't we?"  I heard Jasper's "Mmhmmm" and felt him nod through his hands, which were still steadying me from behind.

I tried to turn, but my legs were being traitorous.  My knees buckled and Jasper held me, but allowed me to slowly drop back to the ground.  I stayed in a sitting position with his help.  He sank behind me, and propped me up with his shoulder against my back.  "Do you have any idea where we are?" I asked.

"I have a vague idea.  We'll have to swim to get anywhere, and for quite a long time." He said, frowning.

He looked at me, "You're warming up.  You shivered all through the night.  I had no way to warm you."  His voice sounded tense, I thought he must have been very frustrated.  I tried to ease his mind, "Well, I'm plenty warm today.  Have we been here all night?" I asked.  "No," he said, looking at me, "You'd have frozen.  Over there, above that cliff, there's a cave.  It wasn't huge, it was a bit cramped, but I wanted to make sure you were out of the storm.  It was relatively dry at least."

"Hmmm?" I mused, suddenly struck by a thought.  Jasper looked at me, the question on his face.  I looked at him over my shoulder, "You sort of saved my life.  I guess I owe you."  He grinned, "I was taught to protect ladies." He adopted a very Texan sounding accent I'd never heard before, and said "It was my pleasure Ma'am."  I laughed out loud, and then shivered.  Goosebumps broke out across my arms.  "Are you cold?" Jasper asked, shocked.

"No," I replied, "I think I must be adjusting to the temperature.  I'm not used to all this sunlight, and warmth after the lovely weather in Forks."

Jasper and I sat on the beach for a long time talking over our predicament, and then about how worried we were about Edward and Alice, and how frightened they must be.  Eventually Jasper was able to stop keeping me propped up.  About that time my stomach growled.  Jasper left to go investigate the island, and search for something for me to eat.

When he returned, he was carrying a very large fish.  "I thought the patient might be hungry.  I smiled and nodded back at him. "Starving."

After I had eaten, I began to feel a little better.  Jasper helped me climb the small cliff of rocks he'd found the cave in and showed me the rest of the island.  It wasn't huge, but big enough I supposed.  I decided if we hadn't been washed out to sea during the storm the night before, we were going to be okay.  It was very green, but some parts were desolate looking.  My energy gave out quickly, and Jasper again let me down slowly to the ground.

We sat on the cliff for a long time, continuing our talk from earlier.  We were both consciously avoiding the subject of Aro, Jane, Felix and Caius.  It was nice enough on the island that I didn't want to think about them.  My heart squeezed tightly everyt time my thoughts strayed to Edward, but it still felt nice to relax in such a beautiful setting.  I thought Jasper might feel similarly, since he avoided the subject as well.

Jasper explained that he intended to wait until I was stronger before we attempted to leave the island.  He said even though he'd be carrying me through the water, it would wear me out.  He needed me to be able to hold on with my own power.  Judging by my lack of strength, I nodded begrudgingly.  I really wanted to get back to Edward, but it wouldn't do anyone any good if I held Jasper up, or became worse.

I made a remark at one point that he should just go find help and come back for me.  He so vehemently disagreed with this idea that I dropped the idea.

Eventually the sun dropped away and dark covered us.  Jasper carried me back into the cave he'd found.  He hadn't exaggerated, it was small.  There was just enough room for me to lie flat on my back, and still have a little moving room on both sides.  I settled in, still a little more alert than would allow for sleeping.

The low light in the cave, and the intimacy of its size made me feel brave, "Jasper, I know you don't want to think about it, but do you think Alice will see us?  Will they know we're still alive?  I keep thinking of Edward, when I went cliff diving..." my voice broke a little, and I trailed off, unable to continue.  Jasper understood.

I couldn't see him, but felt certain I heard concern in his voice.  "Alice's ability works over long ranges for those who she has strong links to.  I'm certain that she's seen us." I heard his clothes rustle as he moved, "I will get you back to Edward, Bella.  I promise.  And by the way, thank you for jumping between Jane and me.  I didn't realize what you were doing at the time.  I think it worked though, which is an interesting development.  She didn't have any effect on me."

I smiled, "I honestly didn't think about it.  I just realized she was trying to hurt you, and I tried to stop her from doing it."  I laughed, "It's what I tried to do for Edward when we in Volterra, but Alice stopped me."  Jasper chuckled deeply, and pride crept into his voice as he spoke.  "She is a strong little monster."

We were silent then, each of us thinking of the love left behind, worrying for us.  In the silence, and darkness I brooded over my fears for Edward until I fell asleep.
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