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Title: True Loves, Chapter 16
Rating: total NC-17
Genre: AU/ Romance
Summary: Edward, Emmett, and Jasper are best friends attending University of Washington. Bella, Rosalie, and Alice are best friends also attending UW. Everyone meets, will they all fall in love?
Warning: AU all human
Disclaimer: I OWN NOTHING
Note: First fanfic ever. Please just bare with me :)
This will also be extremely long. I’m pretty much experimenting with everyone’s POV. This should be interesting...

oh my god
yall i am SOOO sorry
volleyball... school
school sucks
but yeah
so here's chapter 16...
more laughs
i can't decide if i should keep this going or not
you know... people like it
but let's be honest
there are wayyyyy better fics out there
like the high heels and runaway frisbees... saturday school
just two of my faves
so tell me what yall think
i'd gladly continue it if you really like it
writing comedy is fun
i just won't be updating frequently
school is pretty tough
and i need a good gradepoint average for stanfordddd :)
but without further ado... CHAPTER SIXTEEN


Bella POV

It was about halfway through our dinner (which actually was really good... props to Jake) that everyone was beginning to notice that Little Mr. Jacob Black had gone bye-bye. Waiters were flying around trying to find him, managers, et cetera. Really, a scene that I'm glad I didn't miss. And then it got even better when Jake was brought in from outside. His black eye was bad... like... bad. I gave Emmett a big kiss on the cheek for allowing me to witness this. Even when Jake was awoken from unconciousness he didn't remember a single thing, which was good. We were able to stay and continue eating our dinner without being kicked out or yelled at.

"Do you think he'll ever remember what happened?" Rose asked us.

"He's probably too scared to tell anyone 'cause he knows I'll just go back and kick his ass again," Emmett said while flexing his arms. "Clearly he doesn't want two more tickets to the gun show," Emmett told us.

"Dude. You gotta stop saying that," Jasper told him.

"Jasper, you wish you were as cool as I am," Emmett replied.

"Yeah, whatever, Em," Jasper sighed.

"Well. I say we go out tonight! There is cause for celebration!" Alice squeeled.

"And what would this cause be, Al?" Edward questioned.

"Well, for one. I said so. Second, Bella won't be getting raped anytime soon, considering the fact that Jake's about as gay as they get. Third, Edward's not a pussy and he actually beat up a guy. And fourth, because I said so," she finished with a smile and a wink towards me.

"I take serious offense to that," Edward told her.

"Eh, you'll get over it. It was a positive comment, Ed! You're a man now!" Alice laughed.

"Eddie. I'm agreeing with Pixie Stick over here. You're no longer a pussy. And I now respect you. Damn if I knew you were that powerful I would have made you play football in high school," Emmett told Edward while patting him on the back.

"Emmett. For the last time, her name is ALICE. And where the hell did Pixie Stick come from? Call her anything other than Alice one more time and I'll be shoving a Pixie Stick up your ass!"

"Jazzy, baby. Save that anger for later," Alice whispered while rubbing his chest.

"COUGHawkwardCOUGH," I yelled.

"Look, you four can go out and party all you want. But I have a reservation at a hotel for Bella and me. And I simply cannot pass up this opportunity," Edward smiled at me.

"Damn right you can't," I whispered to him while rubbing my hand up and down his thigh.

"Bella. In the words of Alice, 'save that for later,'" Edward told me. I giggled in response.

"Off to Hotel Steph!" I yelled.

"Yeah. You two go have fun. Lose your v-card, please Bella. Just do it. Get it over with. It's fun. I sware," Rose told bothe me and Edward.

I turned about fifty shades of red while Edward only laughed. How did this man act so cool all the time? I need to work on that skill.

"Thanks for the words of advice, Rose," Edward replied.

"Anytime, man," Rose smiled.

Emmett walked up and gave Edward a fist pump.

"Go hard or go home, bro," Emmett yelled.

"Uh... thank you?" Edward questioned.

"Just words of wisdom from The Emmett. Take them, use them, love them, love HER. You know," Emmett winked.

"Oh God, Emmett. Just go away!" I shrieked.

"Have fun tonight, Bells! I want details tomorrow, though! And you," Alice poked Edward's chest. "You treat her with respect and I sware, if you hurt her you will go down. I may be under five feet but I took kick boxing. With that said, love you, Edward!" Alice leaned up to give a shocked and scared Edward a kiss on the cheek and hugged me.

It was now Jasper's turn. God, we were just going to a hotel. It's not like we were dying or anything.

"Dude. I have no words of advice. Your sex life is YOUR sex life. Don't give me details tomorrow. I don't want details. I got my own details to make with the vixen over there," Jasper pointed to Alice. "Piece out! Don't stay up too late! And shower!" Jasper yelled over his shoulder.

We were finally alone. Thank you, Moses!

"I thought they'd never leave," Edward whispered into my ear, giving me shivers.

"Mr. Cullen you continue to dazzle me," I replied.

"Well then, Ms. Swan. May I dazzle you to our penthouse suite at Hotel Steph and show you an amazing night?" Edward asked me while picking me up bridal style.

"Yes, Mr. Cullen. You may!" I told him.

"I love you," he whispered, still sending shivers throughout my body.

"Not as much as I love you," I told him while nipping at his earlobe.

With that Edward took off into a sprint. If he didn't do football in high school, then he sure as hell did track. The boy could run.
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