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'Twilight' Cast Heads Back To The Set To Shoot New Scenes

With the high-profile release of "Breaking Dawn" and the news that the movie's release date has been pushed up from December 12 to November 21, the pressure is higher than ever for the cast and crew of "Twilight" to deliver a product worthy of its hype. That could be why they're heading back to the set this week, months after wrapping the principal photography.

"I'm so psyched about it; we are shooting Monday, Tuesday and Thursday this week, and it's really cool," Kellan Lutz (Emmett Cullen) told MTV News at Sunday's red-carpet premiere of his new project, "90210."

Often, movies have to reshoot scenes when the powers that be are less than satisfied with the original footage, but Peter Facinelli, who plays vampire patriarch Carlisle Cullen, put a positive spin on the work they'll be doing. "They liked it so much, they are bringing us back for some encore time — to beef it up," he said. "A little salt and pepper."

Maintaining optimism worthy of pre-werewolf Jacob Black, Taylor Lautner told MTV News that he was excited to get back in the "Twilight" world. "We actually just had a rehearsal at [director] Catherine Hardwicke's house the other day for a new scene," he said Friday. "It was a ton of fun."

According to Lautner, the shoots were planned before Summit Entertainment snagged the Thanksgiving weekend release date. "I know they've been showing it to some people, and some people go, 'I want to see a little more of this,' or, 'I don't quite understand this,' " he explained.

So what are these new scenes? "I wouldn't be walking tomorrow if I spilled those beans, but I'm psyched, especially about the wardrobe," Lutz said.

"I can tell you it's a flashback scene," Facinelli offered. "It gives us a little bit of history of the Cullen family. ... They are just shooting a couple of different added scenes, and the scene I'm in, I can tell you it's me and Robert Pattinson. ... Rosalie and Emmett are in that scene."

Lautner was more explicit: "Well, I am going to be in the prom scene now, at the very end of the film," he said. "At first we didn't film that, and now some people are saying they want to see a bit more of Jacob, and they want him in the prom scene at the end."

In case you were wondering, we're not just giving you your Twi-crack early — come back Tuesday morning for your regularly scheduled exclusive "Twilight" scoop.


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