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In Jasper's Care - Chapter IV

Title:  In Jasper’s Care
Author:  Elisabeth_l and NiceIceEdward
Character’s/Pairing: Edward/Bella, Jasper
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers:  Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse – AU (BD never happened, so no spoilers on that)
Summary: As the plane goes down, what will happen to Bella and how will Jasper take care of her so he can return her to Edward safely. 

 Disclaimer:  We don’t own anything, it is all the creative genius of Stephenie Meyer


Chapter I / Chapter II / Chapter III


Chapter IV



(Bella POV)


The erratic movement of the plane continued on.  I was horrified, what if I crashed and died out here, and Edward was left alone?  I couldn’t imagine life without Edward.  I knew Jasper was trying to keep me calm, but for once it didn’t seem to be working.  Jasper was frowning deeply and looking forward toward the cockpit.  Suddenly there was an ear-splitting explosion behind and to the left of where we sat.  Deafening screeches and horrible sounds of wrenching metal screamed out all around us.  I could hear the sound of the planes movement through the air.  Jasper suddenly stood and turned around facing behind us.


I turned in my seat to see what he was looking at, and gasped.  For one moment the back end of the plane was there, severed but attached.  A storm was raging outside and I could see it through the crack which had formed.


Jane looked up at Jasper at that moment and smiled.  I hurled myself up out of my seat, attempting to block him and we fell into the seats behind us.  The plane was still pitching all over the place.


I tried to get up again, but I couldn’t get my feet under me.  From between the seats, I watched as the back end of the plane separated.  I saw the expression on Jane’s face as the air caught their section of seats, and tore it away in a final scream of shredding metal.  Suddenly they were gone.  Jasper pulled me to his side.  He looked at me stunned.  I’d been lying over him since I’d pushed him, “How did I do that?” I asked.  “Do what?” he replied.  “Knock you down?” I said as he turned and glared in the direction of the cockpit again, he continued, “You didn’t.  I was afraid of hurting you, so I let myself fall back.”


He stood up suddenly and twisted one arm around my waist, reaching under my knees with his other and lifted me up before him.  I screamed at him over the raging wind and noise, “What are you doing?”


He yelled, “Take a deep breath and hold on to me.”  His face was absolutely serious.  I did as he recommended and suddenly we were dropping.  As we fell, something flew past me and sliced through my upper arm.  I looked over his shoulder to see what it was, and saw the shadowed hulk of the plane disappear.  Less than a second later there was a blinding flash as it exploded into the water.


At that same moment we hit the water.  As we went in, Jasper released my legs so I was feet first when I struck.   We plummeted straight down into the water at first, and then we began to rise again.  I was being bashed by the waves.  I was tossed back and forth, and felt like there was every possibility that jumping had been an act of futility.  Every time I’d think I was going to get a fresh mouthful of air another wave would slap me.  I was drowning again.  It was just like my cliff dive.


I felt hands around my upper back.  I was turned quickly and roughly around.  It was Jasper; I had a moment to be relieved he was there with me, before he leaned forward and kissed me.  Or so I thought at first, I realized quickly he was blowing some much needed air into my lungs.  He did this two or three times more and then he slung me over his back the way Edward always did when he was running with me.


He swam with me on his back, I ended up swallowing more water, and I think I must eventually have fallen unconscious, because I had many strange images floating through my mind; water in wineglasses, the dappling of the rare sun through the trees in Forks, Edward’s smile and a glimpse of his eyes.  Then everything just went black, and cold.  It was very cold.


                                                            * ~*~*

When the black lifted, I was only senses.  I could see the light through my eyelids before I could feel the warmth on my skin.  I could hear a musical voice speaking to me.  It wasn’t as musical as Edward’s, but it was still nice.


“Bella?”  The sound was low, but still appealing.  It reminded me of Edward, so I struggled towards it, dragging myself out of unconsciousness.  When I opened my eyes, I couldn’t see anything, the brightness blinding me.  I heard a loud exhale, and then the musical voice spoke, sounding relieved, “Bella, Thank God.”


I could detect movement by a shifting and changing of light against my slowly adjusting eyes.  It was confusing that light.  It glittered, flashes brightening and darkening as I began to recognize familiar shapes.  I turned my head from the brightness and could see colors.  Just before me everything was a beige color, in the distance I could see what looked like a blur of green.  I blinked several times, my eyes watered and stung.  I opened them again and finally the shapes and blurs coalesced and I saw that I was lying on a sandy beach.  The green blur was a thick looking forest of strange trees at the top of a beach.


Are you alright Bella?” the voice, I’d nearly forgotten about it in my discovery of where I was.  I turned my head to look back up.


I must have taken a lot more water in than I’d thought, because I was still slow at recognizing things.  It took me a minute to realize that the glittering, sparkling vision in front of me was actually Jasper.  The sun beamed down on him and made him sparkle just as Edward had that long ago moment in the meadow.  The memory of that day caused me pain.  As my mind began to remember the events of the night before, I must have gasped, because Jasper’s tone changed.  “What’s wrong Bella?  Where are you hurt?” 


He was leaning over my face, focused on my eyes.  His were filled with worry and fear.  It creased his brow.  I’d seen him look that way at Alice before, it seemed wrong to have him so concerned for me.


I reached a hand up and brushed the crease with my fingertip.  “I’m fine, I was just remembering last night, and worrying about Edward.”


Jasper’s expression relaxed and he sat back.  He’d been leaning over me on his hands.  “You’ve been asleep for a long time.  He looked across me, I could hear the waves, so I knew he was looking out over the water.  “She must be insane by now.  I hope she sees us.”


I tried to roll a little to push myself up.  As I did a pain shot across my left arm.  I cringed and fell back, reaching for the spot with my other hand.  “Ow!”


Jasper reached out and caught my hand before it could touch my other arm.  “You have a fairly deep cut along your upper left arm.  I don’t know how it happened, but I’ve wrapped seaweed around it to keep the wound protected from the air.”  I looked at my arm as he spoke, seeing the seaweed there.  “Where did you get the string?” I asked, seeing the way it was tied.  Jasper’s sparkling reflected off my skin as he moved.  He lifted a leg, and held a shoe out to me, no laces.  I chuckled. 


His sparkling reminded me of the biggest difference between us, “Jasper! Have I been bleeding?”

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