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New chapter: Changing History

Title:Changing History
Author: libertine_skins
Characters/Pairings: normal. no nessie though (seriously what was smeyer thinking?)
Rating: T (for now... not really anything in it though,,,, bit of swearing? )
Summary: All Human, classic Bella struggling to support herself at uni, Alice is her best friend and there is an obsession with Edward Can she overcome her insecurities to get him? Will Mike/Tyler, James or Jake give her up? Oh and slight issue: Edwards gf- Rose.

clearly i am no smeyer.
Author’s Note: Iooking for a Beta who knows what they are doing! haha simply cos i have zero idea.

chapter 1- under the spreading chestnut tree.

chapter 13-im waiting here for you (New)
chapter 14- consuming rage.  (NEWEST)
Tags: fanfiction

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