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Title:The Cullen's Stone
Author: Bellamcullen
Characters/Pairing: Edward/Bella
Rating: pg-13
Category: Romance and Humor
Spoilers: Twilight, Breaking Dawn lol and Harry Potter
Summary: Hermoine finds out she has a long lost cousin, Bella. Hermoine, desperately seeking Bella, goes to Forks. Harry follows her and Voldemort follows Harry. Voldemort, being able to seek power sees Bella's mind blocking power. He is greatly intersted in her power and takes her back to the magical land. Cheesy, but all the Hp/Twillight hate is pissing me off. And....sorry but i havent read the HP books so i dont know if im doing it right. I'm relying on the movies.

I do not own any of the characters.

Chapter 1: Choices

"Hermoine! Hermoine!" Ron called from behind her.
"yes, ron?" Hermoine asked, turning around.

“so, what’d you find out?” he asked curiously. “you’ve been trying to look for this girl for days!”

“well, I asked my mum.” Hermoine sighed. “me and this, Isabella, girl aren’t really related. I mean, we come from the same blood line but were not cousins or anything.” She looked down. Deep inside she was really hoping that Isabella was her cousin. Everyone had family, like extended family. Ron had brothers and a sister, Harry had his aunt, uncle, and cousin. Hermoine didnt like going home and not knowing about her family ancestry. Plus, her two BFF's were guy. She didnt have any girlfriends to talk to back home.

“have you told harry?” Ron asked.

“he has a lot on his mind these days” Hermoine replied.

“it will be okay Hermoine. I don’t even think that Isabella is a witch.”

“But, she might be a muggle-born like me.” Hermoine pouted. “I don’t want to talk about it Ron. Let’s just go to class!”

After class, they had lunch, Harry was fairly quiet. His scar was hurting him. For the last couple of weeks since it has been confirmed that Voldemort was back, Harry’s scar had been hurting. It was a bad sign but no one could do anything but train. All the students had magic practice after school every day. It was more mandatory than optional.

“how are you Harry?” Hermoine asked.

“I’m fine. Thanks” he replied.

“come on mate. We haven’t talked to you in days” Ron whined. “you gotta give us more than that”

“my scar’s getting worse and worse.” Harry said touching his scar.

“I’m sorry mate I wish I could help.” Ron told him.

“me too Harry” Hermoine agreed.





 “Bella, love.” Edward cupped Bella’s cheeks. “what’s wrong? Tell me. What are you thinking?”  He was anxious about her thoughts all the time. He could never get in her head.

Bella took a deep breath. “Nothing, just the dreams i've been having.” she stared into the air. Her eyes were filled with confusion but it seemed as if she were really concerned with her dream. Sure enough, Edward noticed.

"I'm here Bella, don't let your dreams bother you" Edward hugged her.

Trying to change the subject, Bella spoke. "How was the hunting trip?" Bella wrapped her hands around his waist. He was cold and stoney but she could feel the warmth of his unbeating heart.

"It was alright. A few lions and bears." Edward chuckled.

"No tigers?" Bella finally smiled.

"" Edward sighed. 

"i missed you..." Bella hid her face in his chest. She missed his scent, his hair, his eyes, his soft lips, his voice, everything. Closing her eyes, she thought of him, only him. 

"I wish i knew what you were thinking" Edward stroked her beautiful brown hair. 

"Were getting married in three weeks....of course, im thinking about you." Edward felt Bella's warm smile on his chest. Of course, she was thinking of him. But, him and the honeymoon specifically. Edward smiled too. 

" Bella...sleep" He said before humming the lullaby made just for her. He laid next to her on her bed and watched her drift into sleep, as he did everyday. He fixed her blanket so that shewouldnt be too cold from his skin. 

Bella, deep in her sleep, had the same dream again. A girl about her age and the same brown hair. She was wearing a weird type of clothing, like a robe and it had a little sign on it. It was a lion. It was just the girl and Bella standing on a never ending road. The girl would take a step closer and so would Bella. She didnt know why she moved but her feet would just lift themselves forward. Even without knowing the girl, she felt a connection. She wanted to know more about the girl, she felt there was a bond between them. It was like something staring her right in the eye but she just couldnt get it. 


"I got it!!!" Hermoine waved the piece of paper in front of Ron. She had a big grin on her face and it didnt seem like it was ever going to go away. It was the first time she had smiled in days.

"What is it hermoine?" Ron squinted at the paper. 

"it's her address!" Hermoine grinned. 

"bloody hell! how'd you get it? oh, i forgot. You're Hermoine Granger" Ron rolled his eyes. 

"Ron!" She flapped her hands in the air. "During winter break, i am going to go find her! I can't believe i found her address. I had to search-"

"Guys! what's up?" Harry walked towards them. He seemed fairly happy too.

"well, isn't everyone just joyful today?" Ron laughed. 

Harry spotted the paper Hermoine was holding. "What's that?"

Hermoine immediately hid it behind her. "it's.....homework.."

"really? for which class? i dont remember getting a worksheet" Harry was totally oblivious. He wasnt aware of the fact that she was lying. 

"it's actually extra credit. Just for me. Sorry Harry" Hermoine lied. Again. 

"i..i think Harry should know" Ron put in. Harry was his best friend. He felt a little weird about leaving him out on something. 

"what are you guy talking about?" Harry asked. 

"well, i was trying to look for my distant cousin. Well, were blood related but its like, were connected by our great grandfather. I was going to look for her over winter break" Hermoine confesed. 

"Hermione! you cant do that!" Harry snapped at her.

"It's NOT in the rule book Harry" Hermoine retorted. Hermoine thought that Harry would understand. 

Later that night, Hermoine waited in bed. She was so excited for winter break. Of course she still needed to plan out how exactly she was going to go to...Forks, Washington. Her parents wouldnt know about anything. Maybe she could get Harry to come with her. Hermoine had no picture of Isabella what so ever. She knew her father Charlie was a cop. Trying desperately to sleep, she still couldnt. She wanted to go now. She couldnt wait any longer. Her heart would beat everytime she saw the address. She would get goosebumps everywhere from her over excitement. It felt cold and warm at the same time. Hermoine gave up, she climed out of bed and walked around the room for a while. It didnt really help. Maybe, if she just saw Isabella now, she would feel better. She walked towards the door and turned the knob

Chapter 2: Poignancy

Bella awoke remembering her dream as if it had jut happened. She opened her eyes and saw Edward pacing back and forth in the room. He usually only did that when something was wrong. Edward hadn’t noticed that Bella was awake but something was really bothering him. It was the call from Alice. He had just finished talking to Alice when Bella woke up. Bella sat up on the bed rubbing her eyes. She looked outside and saw the darkness of the day, or night.

“you’re up early” Edward sat next to her. His cold arm around her cold body.

“Yea. Is something wrong?” Bella asked Edward.

“No. Nothing is wrong. I was just thinking.” Edward forced a smile. Bella was confused. She was thinking that maybe Edward was worried about the wedding. Or, when she becomes a vampire. Maybe, he was worried about how his life would change. At the same time, she was worried about how she will be as a newborn. It made her feel like she was leaving behind a lot. But, also gaining a lot.

“Are you having second thoughts?” Bella asked curiously. She turned her head to face Edward, scared of his answer.

“No. Don’t ever think that. I love you, Bella” Edward held her hands and kissed them. His cold skin felt good on her skin. She never wanted him to let go. “You make my life worthwhile,” He told her with a crooked smile. Then, he held her tighter. It was the same hug he gave her when they were about to part. Bella noticed and looked up at him with puppy dog eyes. She was worried on the inside. He had left her once and she was scared that he would again. Her mouth went dry and it was if there was a frog in her throat. Her heart was beating senselessly and her feet were shaking. Slowly, she started to feel the coldness of his skin.

“What’s wrong?” Edward finally looked down at her.

“I wanted to ask you the same question,” Bella replied hugging him tighter.

“It’s just Alice. She’s been bothering me about her visions,” Edward rolled his eyes. Bella sighed in relief.

“Good.” She blurted out. Confused, Edward looked at her.


“It’s silly. I just thought you were going to leave me at the altar or something.” Bella confessed which seemed to make Edward laugh.

“If one of us were to be scared of being left at the altar, I think that would be me.” Edward chortled. He reminisced of the first time he had proposed and Bella had rejected him, thinking it was a joke. Bella was also having thought. But, not about ‘not getting married’ but about changing the wedding date. It was going way too fast for her. She really wanted to become a vampire before she turns 19 but she really didn’t want to get married yet.

The wait for Winter was long for Hermoine, at least. She really wanted to see Isabella Marie Swan and talk to her. She also wanted to meet her ‘uncle’. She wanted to know how he looked, talked, how polite or not he is. And, she wanted to know about her aunt. Charlie Swan was a Chief so that must mean he could keep a table relationship right? She kept reminding herself that the ‘real’ world and the world of ‘Hogwarts’ were totally different placed. Dementors here were some-what like that Police back in reality. Even though Dementors are worse than police, she liked fighting them off. You can’t do that with Police without ending up in the big house. The table at lunch was full, as always. There was always enough room for everybody.

“look!!” Ron yelled. He was pointing at something on the floor which seemed to be moving, very fast.

“A rat!” Harry laughed.

Hermoine, rolling her eyes, pulled out her wand. “Fera Verto,” she pointed at it. Suddenly, the running has stopped. The once rat has become a golden cup. Hermoine picked it up and gave it to Ron.

“Gosh, Ron. It’s just a rat,” She rolled her eyes.

“So, when are you planning on seeing your cousin?” Harry changed the subject.

“Winter Break!” Hermoine yelled. “But, let’s not talk about it here Harry” She whispered.

“How are you and Cho?” Ron asked curiously taking a bit of bread.

“Well, she’s still upset over Cedric‘s death” Harry leaned in closer to whisper the name.

“Harry, of course she’s still upset! I wasn’t even that close to him and I’m still upset. You need to go talk to her. Now!” Hermoine pointed her eyes at Cho at the other table.

“bloody hell, Hermoine! Leave him alone!” Ron looked at her with forceful eyes. Then when she turned to look at him with the same look, he surrendered. “I mean, yea Harry. You should talk to her” He quickly said looking down. Sometimes, Hermoine can be a little scary.


A few days later, Bella finally decided that she didn’t want to get married yet. She drove over to the Cullens and asked for Edward. Alice desperately wanted to know what he wanted to talk about with Edward but Bella didn’t tell her. Finally, Edward came down then kissed Bella.

“What is it, love?” He asked holding her hands with a big grin on his face. He was excited for the wedding. It made it harder for Bella to confess her fear.

“Edward” She sighed pulling him outside. “Can we talk, in private?” She looked behind him to see the Cullen’s watching them.

“Don’t’ you guys have anything better to do?” Edward turned around yelling at his siblings.

“No, not really bro” Emmett smiled knowing that answer would just crawl into Edwards nerves.

Edward ignored him. After securely putting Bella on his back, he ran to the woods.

“So, what is it Bella?” Edward asked setting her down on the soft firm grass of the Meadow.

“It’s about the wedding” Bella folded her arms across her chest. Edward’s smile faded into a depressing whirl of sadness. “I don’t want to get married at this instant. But, I do want to get married. But, Can’t we wait until maybe after 2 months?” She sighed regretting what she had just said.

“Bella. We talked about this-”

“I know but I just don’t feel like right now is the time to get married. I’m not having cold feet I know that for sure! There’s something missing. I don’t know what it is.” Bella asserted. She’s been having the same dream every night. Her feet started shaking and her heart was pumping in fear that Edward would be upset.

“What is missing? There’s you and me. We’re in love and that is it!” Edward pinched the bridges of his nose. His tone suddenly changed. It became louder and lower. Bella could feel the fierce lion inside the angel. “This isn’t like you Bella, you’re smarter than that”

“Edward! Please!” Bella pleaded. Usually, she tried to let her dreams go. Telling herself that dreams aren’t real, they are just figments of my imagination. This time, having the dream over and over in her head, she couldn’t let it go. Tears started falling when she looked at Edward. He was so, greatly upset with her abrupt decision that he couldn’t say anything. They stood there in silence while Bella tried to abolish her tears from falling. Slowly, Edward walked towards Bella.

“Let’s go.” He blankly said putting her on his back. Trepidation just stabbed Bella through the heart. Come to think of it, that was more like a fight. It was Edward and Bella’s first fight. They’ve had arguments but they always found a solution to it. Well, not counting the whole ‘Jacob is my best friend’ deal. They reached the Cullen lair and it was not that dark.

“I’m sorry” Bella said stepping down to the ground.

Edward gave an uncomprehending sigh. “I’ll tell Alice to change the date on the invitations,” He

didn’t move at all.

“Thank you, Edward” She nodded feeling a rush of sadness. Edward was definitely despondent.

The rest of the Cullens were hopefully doing their own business rather than watching them two.

When Bella got home, Charlie was already drifted into his sleep on the couch. He would be there till the morning. Once Charlie was asleep snoring, he would not wake up. Bella, silently ran up the stairs and managed not to trip up the stairs. She entered her room to see if Edward would be there. All she found was an empty room of loneliness. She left the window open just incase the angel decided to come after all. She knew he had been upset and she really wanted to make it up to him. Bella walked in the bathroom and grabbed her towel. She turned the shower on and let the warm temperature of the water fill the air. The warm air was suffocating. Bella went in the shower letting the warmth burn her skin. She regretted telling Edward about changing the date, although she knew it was the right thing to do, for her sake. Hopefully, Edward would come. After taking n extremely hot shower and changing into her pajamas, she walked into her room finding a small figure rummaging through her closet. Why did she need clothes? The ones the girl was wearing was clearly something expensive. The girl had spiky hair, and she was short. You can guess who it was.

"Alice?" Bella asked surprised.

"Bella, Honey" Alice turned around holding the dress she had given Bella for the prom. "you still have this?" She chuckled.

"Did you want me to dispose of it?" Bella raised her eyebrows. She was forgetting Alice never wore the same thing twice. After small talk with Alice, Bella laid on her bed. Bella was thinking how mad Edward must be. So mad that he would send his sister to interrogate her with Fashion101. He could have just not come, why send his sister?

”Why did Edward send you here?" Bella asked.

"You don’t like my company?" Alice replied with a pout. Bella felt embarrassed. How many Cullen's would she upset in one day?

”No, Alice. I love your company. Didn't Edward send you here? To talk to me?" Bella winced.

"Talk to you? About what?" Alice's smile turned into a frown.

"About what I told Edward. About changing the wedding date"

"Oh, that!" Alice shooed the idea. "I already did it"

"Then why are you here?"

"I just love being with you, Bella"

"Is he still mad at me?" "yea." Alice assured. "But, don't worry. He loves you too much to hold a grudge" Alice tried to shed some light on the situation. The word grudge shook Bella a little. She pictured Edward hating her forever in his eternal life. It felt like someone had stabbed her with a million knives. Hurting her chest slowly but each knife having a sharp and individual pain.

"Bella!" Alice snapped her out of her possible future. It was then she realized she wasn’t breathing. "Edward would kill me if you had a stroke!" Alice shook her. "Please, Bella! whatever your thinking! snap out of it! BREATHE!"

Bella gasped for air once she was functioning with her individual knowledge again. "Sorry Alice"

"Don't do that to me!" Alice whined. "it's bad enough Edward has me watching you like a hawk" She blurted out.

"watching me?" Bella asked.

Alice hesitated before answering. "well, yeah. I had this vision and well, you know how Edward is."

"what was the vision?"

"strictly confidential" Alice zipped her lips.

"If it's about me, I should know. Don't you think?" Bella pleaded.

"oh....Fine! I had a vision that something, I don't know what it was, but something took you away and then I couldn’t see you anymore. Just a blur. Edward tried read the werewolves minds but they weren’t planning on kidnapping you anytime soon. It was probably just mind glitch or something don’t worry about it" Alice recommended.

"thanks for telling me" Bella said blankly. Her emotion was filled with a bit of shock and......shock. It was a lot to take in. Her worst fear was the Volturi now that Victoria was gone. The Volturi was the only door left to open. Then, Edward and Bella could be free.

Edward sat in Alice’s desk. Not moving, not breathing. He had been sitting there at the same spot since Alice changed the dates on the invitations. Speaking of invitations, there was a pile of invitations on the right side of the desk. There were about 100 people or so invited. One invitation sat in his hand. That had been the only thing he’d been looking at. ‘November 21’ was now written next to the ‘When’ category. It had replaced ‘August 2’ which was the original date planned.

“You can’t sit there till the wedding man!” Jasper put an encouraging hand on Edward’s shoulder. He was slumped on the chair and it looked as if he was asleep, but he wasn’t.

“I’m just upset about postponing your bachelor party” Emmett joked. Jasper laughed in agreement. Edward finally stood up.

“Edward! Honey, please don’t be mad at Bella” Esme put in.

“Esme!” Edward grimaced. “I am merely upset by her decision.” He shook his head looking at the invitation in distaste.

“Just a couple of months bro” Emmett jumped onto the couch. He had a big smile on his face as if nothing was wrong.

“And, what about Alice’s vision?” Edward said sounding gruff.

“Whatever it is she saw….isn’t real Edward. It doesn’t sound like the Volturi so don’t worry. It’s probably just her imagination gone wild” Emmett replied.

“Alice can be wild at times” Jasper chuckled.

“And, you should know Jasper” Emmett laughed.

“Very mature Emmett,” Jasper rolled his eyes. “I think it’s time for Alice to come home. Bella mustn’t like being spied on like a lab rat.” Carlisle suggested.

“You’re right. I should be the one with Bella” Edward nodded.



 * I am thinking for the next chapters maybe do POVs. Tell me what ya think!



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