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New chapter: Changing History

Title: Changing History
Author: [info]libertine_skins
Genre: General/None Rating:
Fiction Rated: T  (for now)
Summary: All Human, classic Bella struggling to support herself at uni, Alice is her best friend and there is an obsession with Edward Can she overcome her insecurities to get him? Will Mike/Tyler, James or Jake give her up? Oh and slight issue: Edwards gf- Rose.

chapter 1 - under the spreading chestnut tree

chapter 12- reunions (new)
chapter 13- im waiting here for you     (NEWEST)

A/N: wow, 2 chapts in like an hour BONUS.... looking for a Beta and ideas....?! I hope chapt 13 is what you wanted? bit nervous its not good enough, therefore reviews would be great.
Tags: fanfiction

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