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lion_lamb fic contest voting

write your own breaking dawn contest voting

I apologize for not getting the voting up sooner, but I've been involved in a few other things and kind of lost track. However, thanks for waiting it out!

Voting Details
Note: Because of my belatedness, I did change the timeline a bit to give everyone a chance to read the stories and for myself to tally up the votes. Classes are resuming for me, so I just want to make sure everyone has a decent amount of time as well.

01. In a screened comment, vote for your ONE favorite, using the corresponding number next to it.
02. You have one week to read the submissions and make your decision. Votes will not be counted after 12AM PST on Sunday, August 31st.
03. After tallying the votes, the winners will be announced and contacted roughly around Monday, the first of September.

I'm keeping it simple: the title and the rating. Read for the content, obviously. ;)

01. Everything To Me, NC-17

02. A Dirge Before Morning, R

03. Love Ignites In My Veins, NC-17

04. Wedding Night, R/NC-17

05. Patience, PG-13

06. Not Puzzle Pieces, NC-17

07. Bathe Me In Your Love, PG-15

08. Epilogue: One Hundred Years Later, G

09. Lucky, R/NC-17

10. This Slow Suicide, PG-13

11. Life and Death, PG-15

12. That Blissful State of Being Called “Perfection”, PG

13. Click. Ring. Change., G

14. Deeper Water, R

15. You Won't Know, PG-13

16. Sugardrops, K+

17. Our Fairy Tale, NC-17

18. Unlocking, Anchoring, R

19. Wake Up, T

20. The First Time, M

A big thank you to everyone who participated! For the rest of you non-fic writers who still want prizes -- don't worry, we haven't forgotten about you. That will be coming up next.
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