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Breaking Dawn Read-A-Long (lolrhyme)

Thanks to the amzingly beautiful, talented, lovely ( yesImbuttkissingHDU!) catalysted for letting me post this.

Because you KNOW you are sad it's over, we are giving everyone a chance to give Breaking Dawn a second chance!

It might have not been your cup of tea the first time around, but you never know, it might get better on the second round, or it might not, either way it doesn't matter because we shall be breaking it down, chapter by chapter and discussing it all. What we liked, what we hated, what we would have done differently how many chickens were sacrificed so eddie could have something to chomp on, all of it.

Anyone is welcomed to join, if you don't want to re read but just want to join in the discussions, go for it, if you hated the book and feel like ranting over each chapter, go ahead we won't censor you, (however we DO ask you respect everyone elses opinion), If you just want to gush over Edward, BRING ON THE VELVEETA!

Discussion starts Monday Aug. 25th

Thank you for your time.
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