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tMF Initiative - For Fans who want to help Rob's Little Ashes Film

 The following message was posted on IMDB:

tMF is taking the initiative to launch a full-scale promotional blitz for Little Ashes.

I'm carefully writing down the specifics, but I would need your help. I'm making this special project available exclusively to posters of Rob's IMDb board. Why? Because I'm impressed with the group's loyalty and dedication to Rob, and because there are so many competent writers and researchers here who can make a big difference to make the project more than just a project. tMF wants this film to be HUGE.

Please email me at modelwatcher [at] gmail [dot] com if you're interested. Would need at least 5-10 interested people to form the core group of Admins and moderators for the project.

Jed Medina
Owner and Publisher
The Movie-Fanatic
Tags: robert pattinson

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