Shelbi (piratewars) wrote in lion_lamb,

DVD Special Features

Yesterday I spent the whole day watching a bunch of movies and it got me thinking....

What kind of special features do you hope they include on the DVD for the Twilight movie?

I'm one of those people that loves watching all the behind-the-scenes, commentaries, deleted scenes, blooper reels, etc, and I'm thinking alot of you are too. Or would be when it comes to this movie haha.

The two biggest things I hope they include are all of the deleted scenes and a commentary with Kristen and Robert. I think it'd be cool if there was a commentary with Kristen, Robert, Jackson, Ashley, Nikki, and Kellan, maybe even Peter and Elizabeth too. A commentary with all the Cullens would be pretty funny to listen to I think.

But they need at least one commentary with Kristen and Rob doing it together at least. If it was just them and some producer or something that'd still be cool. =)

(Sorry mods if this isn't allowed)
Tags: discussion: movies
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