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This is my first post to the community, after being a long-time lurker :)

The fanmix includes songs only from the band "Evanescence", as their songs suit the Twilight saga as a whole perfectly. I know the graphics aren't great, but I'm a beginner to photoshop. I hope you'll enjoy it, and please download! Fanmix is after the cut.

Darling, I forgive you after all.
Anything is better than to be alone.
And in the end I guess I had to fall.
Always find my place among the ashes.

My Immortal
When you cried I'd wipe away all of your tears
When you'd scream I'd fight away all of your fears
And I held your hand through all of these years
But you still have
All of me

You used to captivate me
By your resonating light
Now I'm bound by the life you left behind
Your face it haunts
My once pleasant dreams
Your voice it chased away
All the sanity in me

These wounds won't seem to heal
This pain is just too real
There's just too much that time cannot erase

I've tried so hard to tell myself that you're gone
But though you're still with me
I've been alone all alone

Bring Me to Life
(Wake me up)
Wake me up inside
(I can’t wake up)
Wake me up inside
(Save me)
call my name and save me from the dark
(Wake me up)
bid my blood to run
(I can’t wake up)
before I come undone
(Save me)
save me from the nothing I’ve become

Don't try to fix me I'm not broken
I'm the lie
Living for you so you can hide
Don't cry

Suddenly I know I'm not sleeping
I'm still here
All thats left of yesterday

Good Enough
Under your spell again.
I can't say no to you.
Crave my heart and it's bleeding in your hand.
I can't say no to you.

Shouldn't let you torture me so sweetly.
Now I can't let go of this dream.
I can't breathe but I feel...

Even though I’d be sacrificed,
You won’t try for me, not now.
Though I’d die to know you love me,
I’m all alone.
Isn’t someone missing me?

Breathe No More
And I bleed,
I bleed,
And I breathe,
I breathe no more.

Like You
Grieving for you,
I'm not grieving for you.
Nothing real love can't undo,
And though I may have lost my way,
All paths lead straight to you.
I long to be like you

Before the Dawn
Meet me after dark again and I'll hold you
I want nothing more than to see you there
And maybe tonight, we'll fly so far away,
We'll be lost before the dawn...

If only night could hold you where I can see you, my love
Then let me never ever wake again
And maybe tonight, we'll fly so far away
We'll be lost before the dawn...

Somehow I know that we can't wake again from this dream
It's not real, but it's ours

Full download of the fanmix (artwork inc.)

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