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Positive 'Breaking Dawn' review

It's my first post here, so I'm sorry for any mistakes I might make. Just contact me and I'll change anything if it's wrong.

So, since everybody tend to write quite bad reviews about Breaking Dawn where the negative aspects are pointed out more than the positive ones, this is the thing I've been waiting for.
I found an article from SeattlePI.com where they finally let the fans who loved Breaking Dawn tell their opinion. They even let the fans make a list of PROs and CONs about what they liked in Breaking Dawn and what they didn't.
Well, I love the article. There's no sense in writing thousands of reviews saying how bad Breaking Dawn was. Breaking Dawn is and will always be the forth book in the series - no matter how people think it was, right? (:

Read the article here:
P-I readers bare their fangs in defense of 'Breaking Dawn'
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