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Why is Robert Pattinson getting so much buzz?

The Movie Fanatic has an article up about Rob.

tMF LAUNCHPAD: Why is Robert Pattinson getting so much buzz? Is the talent deserving of the hype?

tMF listens very closely to what our viewers say and we take suggestions and comments seriously. In order to give our viewers more of what they like, we've started a weekly thing called tMF Launchpad. tMFL are articles that put the spotlight on certain actors, especially the ones most popular at tMF. In our initial Launchpad article, we're once again featuring Robert Pattinson. Surprised? Excited? Disappointed? Whatever your reaction, I'm hopeful that what we have to say will be fresh and new to you.

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Spotlight Article updates: First of all, you might have been wondering why there is no Robert Pattinson profile at tMF? Well, that may be the case at the moment, but there is already someone writing his profile and it's definitely going to be something you want to watch out for. We tend to limit profiles of actors to certain favorites, and while we might have missed on a lot of talented and exciting actors, we tend to give you more in-depth coverage of the tMF favorites and we put lots of time and effort into promoting them. Says our writer (who shall remain nameless for now):

Just wanted to fill you in on where I'm at with Robert's profile...I'm 1/3 of the way done! I had a very slow start. All this time I've been posting on threads, comments, and replying to all sorts of articles about him, but when it came time to put it all down for the profile, I suddenly had no idea what to say! But, I found my voice again, and am writing whenever I'm not at work!

As is the case with most of the profiles we already have - they are quite personal. They are written by passionate fans who know the importance of loyalty, but who still strive to maintain credibility by being objective about what they are writing. There are lots of praises of course, but it is always done in good taste.

He reminds me of Heath Ledger: Blasphemy? Ledger's fans might accuse me of that! But when the late Heath Ledger was just starting out, he also had his share of criticism and rejection and bad press. There was a time when serious moviegoers remained decidedly unimpressed by the young actor from Australia.

Regarding a GQ cover in 2003: a letter was published one or two issues later, criticizing the editors of GQ for publishing an issue with Heath Ledger on the cover. The writer went on to say that Ledger was all hype and would not last a year in Hollywood. That writer must be eating his words now for making such a ridiculous statement! The same things may have been said of Robert when it was announced that he had been chosen to play Edward Cullen in the much-anticipated Twilight. I'm sure he must have felt frustrated and beleaguered by the reaction of some of the fans. Things did calm down when the author herself gave Rob her support. I'm sure he'll be smiling when the movie is finally released and people get to see how he performed.

Ledger gained respect from his peers and the film industry in general for maintaining his integrity and not succumbing to the dictates of agents to play sugary teeny-bopper roles. Robert seems to have chosen to go Ledger's way - the hard way. I base my observation on the roles he has chosen which are his answer to critics who might be judging him as a handsome actor with no real talents or prospects. Like Brokeback Mountain, the upcoming Little Ashes has a gay-focused theme. There might be parallels between the two movies, but I think both movies are unique and offer different perspectives on relationships.

- - -

Robert Pattinson's acting style, what do you think? I started a thread at Rob's IMDb board and I think I ought to add this here. Aside from the intelligent discussions we had, there are certain replies I wish to feature, in a sort of summary:

I have been wanting to ask people what they thought about Robert's acting style. I'm not an authority when it comes to determinng what makes a good actor, but I think there are actors who rely heavily on facial expressions and body movements/gestures while saying little or nothing at all. Others put emphasis on the delivery of their lines and making sure it sounds honest and truthful. Of course, good acting is not simply limited to these. As someone once said, to be a good actor, you need to forget who you are and be that character. Sometimes good acting is a gift because not everyone can transform himself into somebody else and make people believe.

The first movie that I saw Robert act in is of course Harry Potter. I don't think it's enough to make a judgment as to his acting style. It's not really a lead role but it's an important one. I guess if the role had been given to another, less-talented actor, I would have completely forgotten who Cedric Diggory was. But since Robert made him a bright, competitive and charming young wizard, I was completely convinced and could relate to him. There is that emotional attachment, especially when he died. He got me there!

When I did that interview with Oliver Irving, the director of How To Be, he said that he placed so much trust and confidence in Robert when he assured him that he knew what to do during a particular scene, and that pressure directly affects Robert's performance level. I just think Robert wants to be spontaneous and perhaps he knows he can nail a scene in just one take. If not, then he made the wrong interpretation and a collaboration between him and the director is essential to GET IT.

So, what makes him tick? I still don't know. Perhaps once I've watched him in How To Be and Little Ashes and Twilight, I might have a better idea, a clearer perspective. For now, I think he' still trying to improve his craft and build his confidence levels. He's very young, but there is something I find quite unique about him and I am reminded of another actor, Ben Whishaw - it's that nervous energy that radiates from within.

Here are my favorite replies:

From lifeisfast: I think he is still finding his own like you mentioned, but he does have some inherent strengths that he plays on. Firstly his physicality, he can portray so much just through a look or a movement, but this also ties into the delivery of lines because movement and expressions tend to make the delivery, one cannot be necessarily separate from the other. Secondly he can immerse himself in the characters world and seemingly take on the mindset of the character. From what I have grasped from his interviews he finds something he can relate to and take from his own life and experiences, whether vicarious, or true to himself, for each role. He also does research on his roles, for Little Ashes he read lots of Dali books and really studied up on the person, same goes for Twilight. He sequestered himself away from family and friends, read the books, and even wrote journal entries in character to get what he needed to portray that character accurately. He tries to make sure he grasps what the role is asking of him. He certainly is something special... there is something with him I cannot put my finger on but keeps me captivated. I also think we will see his acting ability put to the test, and his versatility shown, in How To Be and Little Ashes, both of which I feel, interestingly enough, I am slightly more excited to see than Twilight.

- - -

By goldenboots: He actually needs to work a lot now to get plenty of experience. Find his feet and test himself. Not all performances will work but its important for him to see how far he can push his skill. His versatility is awesome - he can radiate a warmth and vulnerability in performances like Daniel Gale and also a chilling coldness as Toby Jugg. Edward Cullen needs a bit of both so I'm fascinated to see how he does with Twilight.

- - -

By blearyeyedmesgirl : Facial expressions, body movements, gestures...all key points to what separates the good actors from the extraordinary actors. There are few out there who can do what Rob does, which is to make us feel for the character. Heath Ledger was that type of actor...

There are much more to read and you can browse the thread here.

- - -

The movie I look forward to the most: We've featured Twilight quite extensively @tMF. At the start, I had no idea that these articles would become some of our most popular ones. I got the chance to make friends with some of Twilight's most ardent fans. I was also fortunate enough to do an interview with the makers of How To Be and this gave me an inside look at this particular film.

Taking everything into account, I would have to say that it's Little Ashes that is at the top of my list. This indie movie has all the makings of a great film. While time alone will tell if this will be so, I have the feeling that the intensity and depth of the actors' studies of their characters will make this one of Robert Pattinson's acting showcases.

Salvador Dali is not an easy character to play. As with all artists, he has many dimensions to his character. I'm no expert in art or painting, but looking closely at some of Dali's work, I registered a lot of emotional responses - there is something striking about his work. It's very unusual and quite unforgettable. It has the power to hold you back and keep you looking at the paintings for long hours. There is also something bizzare about his paintings. If he can transform something into art, then Dali is an extraordinary individual.

I think Robert Pattinson will need to be extraordinarily good to portray a credible Salvador Dali. Because of this, I find this movie the most challenging and most exciting among Rob's upcoming works.

- - -

tMFs Picks: Top Robert Pattinson sites. Just like any other fans, we have our favorites. In getting the freshest and most relevant news about Rob, you need dedicated admins and regulars who constantly search the web for the latest news. Sometimes you can get the most entertaining and insightful articles and commentaries from a source that is at best, informal. Of course, there are advantages that both official and unofficial fan sites can offer. Here are our favorites (in no particular order):

Pattinson Online: Joy, Isabel and Tara are three of the most energetic and fun-loving admins you could ever find operating a fan site. Mr. Pattinson is lucky to have such dedicated young women spreading so much buzz about him. Like tMF, Pattinson Online is operated by people from all over - Thailand, Canada and the US. We're also proud to be affiliates, so there is some personal bias here, but go take a look! Just visit the site and see what they have to offer!

Rob's IMDb Board: Have you ever wondered what goes on inside an IMDb board and whether all the nasty news about trolls and bitches populating these boards are true? Well, I did and yes, there are lots of IMDb boards you might want to visit if you'd like to ensure that your day is totally ruined; ones which will almost automatically put you into a bad mood, so those are the places to go if you like to torture yourself... But there are exceptions, and one of the most engaging and entertaining boards @IMDb is Robert Pattinson's. It still has its share of trolls of course, but you'll enjoy the theads and just like any fan, you'll get your daily dose of Rob and will come back for more.

Robert Pattinson Fan: This site describes itself as 'The first and largest fan site' for Rob and they have proven many times that they have what it takes to give fans what they want. The admins are also an all-girl team, led by Amy and Michele. The fan site adds a special dimension with their LiveJournal feature called Pattinson daily.

RPatzDaily Community @LiveJournal: I have not been too interested in reading anything from LiveJournal before, but things have changed and what excites me about the active communities at LiveJournal are those dedicated to certain actors. This Robert Pattinson community will make it worthwhile to stay at LiveJournal for hours!

Spunk Ransom's Robert Pattinson Myspace: If there is such a thing as organized chaos, then search no more. I always find the design templates at MySpace to be a bit over the top, and if you're using a slow computer, you might become a victim of a PC crash, but there are rewards for those who are patient. One of Rob's MySpace sites is that kind of special place - chaotic but cool, fresh, versatile, friendly and hip.

Robert Pattinson Life: Steady on the news and the buzz, Robert Pattinson Life is dedicated to anything and everything Robert Pattinson. Imagine 52 posts just for the month of August and still counting!

Finally, Robert Pattinson Online: There are three awesome fansites dedicated to Pattinson, and this one would surely rank among the best- featuring the latest news and updates of the actor's movies and more, be sure to visit the site regularly- it's definitely worth it!

While this is not the definitive list, we're quite sure they are some of the most impressive and credible sites dedicated to the actor. If we've missed a Rob-related website, please let us know!

- - -

Finally, let's answer the questions: Why is Robert Pattinson getting so much buzz? Is the talent deserving of the hype?

The buzz for Rob is due mostly to the heightened awareness of moviegoers for Twilight, that's a given. Anyone can see that. The big question is actually this: Is Robert really talented? Let me answer the question by quoting the maker of the film How To Be:

Rob definitely comes alive when the cameras roll though. His performances were always heightened by pressure - he would often in rehearsals say – OK it's not right now, but I know what is needed and I’ll get it on the day.

This took an awful lot of faith in him but he was pretty much true to his word.

My favorite bits of his performance are things like the lost way he stands by his meager belongings at the car boot sale. He managed to say a huge amount with his posture and eyes - even from afar. Or the way he tries desperately to interact with Jeremy and certainly his moment talking to himself in the mirror. At the very end of the film the last words he says are "That was wicked" and I was never really sure if it was his actual reaction to that take or a piece of improvisation. But it was a wonderful way of expressing his new state of mind at the end of the film.

It was funny because he told us he had a part in a Harry Potter, but as you can imagine, many actors in England have had tiny parts in those films. Plus he really underplayed it so I didn't think much of it at the time. It wasn't until we had cast him I watched the Harry Potter film he was in and realized he was a major part.

Hype is always a dangerous thing, but I would say that his most truthful performance to date can be found in this film.


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  • New Fic: Rendered

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