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|In My Arms| Fanfiction Chap. 5

I finally have another chapter. This one took a lot of editing and re-editing so I hope you enjoy!

Title: In My Arms
Rated: R (For evilness)
Characters: Edward/Bella etc.
Summary: After Edward fulfills Bella's demands and unexpected and unwanted intervention tears them, and their world, apart....But could it be forever. Most of all they discover that death doesn't always mean somebody is gone forever............

|Previous Chapters|
Preface & Chap. 1 - In My Arms
Chap. 2 - Hell, Right Smack in the Middle of Heaven
Chap. 3 - Going Under
Chap. 4 - My Immortal

|New Chapter!|

Chap. 5

Before I could blink we were outside, racing so fast my eyes didn’t have a hope of seeing anything clearly.

I looked up at Edward’s face, seeking reassurance or at the very least, an explanation. But his face only worried me further, it was occupied by a mix of defiance and worry. It could have been almost comical in any other situation, but not now. He was still racing at amazing speeds and the only thing that I could make out was that we were going down a sharp decent.

I heard somebody behind us and whipped my head round. Emmett, Carlisle and Alice were all closely tailing us, though not quite able to catch up, even with Edward carrying me. Alice and Carlisle had the same expressions occupying their faces as Edward however Emmett was void of any worry, he had just pure determination.

I snapped my head forwards again, to see that the sun was sinking lower in the sky, it was twilight.

Suddenly Edward's arms tightened round me, almost to the point of pain. I tried to see his face but all the colors seemed to mix, images were out of focus.

"No!" I heard Edward roar. Although I could still feel his marble arms wrapped around my body, cradling me, his voice sounded so far away. As if coming through a long tunnel.

I was alarmed, that was an understatement, I was terrified. The colors began to swirl faster I couldn't even make out the vague shapes of images anymore and Edward's arms seemed to be dissolving around me. Like a child holding sand, it was all slipping away.

And then, with a dizzying jolt, I found myself back in our room. The window was open, a little light from the sunset filtering the shutters.

I strained my ears, desperate for reassurance that I hadn't gone mad, or was dreaming.

It was deathly quiet downstairs, I peeked around the door. Everything was still.

I looked down the wooden staircase, still nothing.

As I began to creep down the stairs the least helpful memory I could possibly recall suddenly flashed through my mind.

I was sitting up on a cold, hard floor with my mobile in my hands. It was difficult to hold because my hands were tied together. Three simple words, black on a white screen, were before me.

‘Curiosity killed the cat’

I was snapped out of my hideous memory by my feet hitting a flat surface, I had reached the bottom of the stairs. While still pondering my flashback to the text, and what it could mean, my feet, without my command, began to head to the door. I could feel the warm, humid air from a French sunset, flood towards me.

Before I was fully aware of what was happening I had stepped outside onto a flat area of earth with a table and chairs directly in front of me, beneath a canopy of vines which created shade for the seats. In the distance I could see surrounding, traditional French hilltop towns, castles at their peaks. Mountais surrounded the area, creating a bowl which contained the towns. The house was obviously on one of such peaks from the extreme height that we were at. The sun was just beginning to set directly opposite me and the sky was a wonderful collage of pinks and oranges. Looking down the hil that we were situated on I saw a long and winding track which presumably lead back to civilisation. In all directions, till the end of the track which you could distantly make out the end of, were spiny trees, along with a variation of thorns. I could also hear the light trickling of a small stream in the distance. It was absolutely beautiful.

I was snapped out of my reverie by a rush of wind, out of place on such a quiet evening. I felt another, this time behind me, and whipped around to face the invisible presence, there was nothing but the house behind me.

I could almost see the tension rolling around me in waves. But I was still unable to pinpoint the exact cause. This, coupled with the unusually still evening, scared me. I began to run into the surrounding trees, still unsure of what I was doing.

I tripped many times as I fluctuated between sprinting and falling down the hill. Suddenly the spiny, sparsley vegetated, trees looked menacing. Sweat poured down my body in torrents because of the humid air. I ran onto the track that spiralled down the hill and considered following it, but it made me feel horribly exposed so I ducked back into the cover of the trees. I tripped over a few rocks while nearly falling down a sharp decline and by some miracle still landed on my feet. I discovered the small bubbling stream that I had heard faintly earlier.

As I was frantically looking for a direction to run in next I heard the faint sounds of my persuers. That they were loud enough for me to hear caused me great distress, they already knew that I had lost, they were just playing with me now. I began sprinting again, not seeing where I was going.

An ice cold hand gripped my arm, hard. Another covered my mouth when I tried scream out for Edward. Please, please don’t let them find him, I thought. Something hit me, hard, on the head and suddenly my body felt impossibly heavy and my legs crumpled beneath me.

The last thing I heard was cold laughter, and four words flashed into my mind again.

Curiosity really did kill the cat.

A/N: Ok before you murder me for this chapter's shortness, please let me explain.
With the ending of the last chapter, I really couldn't expand much on the start without it turning into something I didn't want it to.
I couldn't continue after the ending because as much as I hate them cliffies are good.
On another note sorry if you thought the description was too long, I really wanted to get the feel of this place.
So murdering will not be necessary (I hope). And I'm sorry but I won't have another chapter till Monday at the earliest.

Comments are <3
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