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Icons Glory!!!!

First time poster here... just wanted to invite everyone over to a little LJ that my friend angelus_buff and myself angels_terra use for our graphics. We are both completely obsessed with Twilight since finding the books about 3 months ago. So both of us have been hard at work making graphics for it. Come over and take a look at what we have and let us know what you think, or if you would like to see something special just let us know. If you like one but want something different for text leave us a comment. Thanks.

[001-022] Bella/Edward
[023-024] Bella
[025-028] Edward
[029-046] Amy Jo Johnson/Kim
[047-059] Jason David Frank/Tommy
[060-067] Tommy/Kim
[068-088] Alicia Purrott/Syd
[089-096] Sky/Syd
[097-114] Chris Violette/Sky

Here are a few teaser to get you to take a peek inside.

My Only Love Forbidden Fruit

See the rest here @ sunnydale_grafx
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