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Chapter 9 And we all fall down

Here's Chapter 9! I hope everyone enjoys :D!

Enjoy and review! I love hearing from everyone!

Title: And we all fall down
Author: You can call me Jill!
Rating: I'm switching to M because of language that is going to happen.
Set during New Moon (why I like to write fics in that time period I have no idea) Edward makes the biggest mistake of his existence but what will happen when he rushes back to fix it? Where is Bella, who has taken her so quickly? Why didn't Alice see it coming? and, most importantly, how much time does he have? I was inspired to write this while listening to Muse's version of 'House of the Rising Sun' and 'Almost Lover' by fine frenzy.
Warnings: New Moon spoilers!
A/N: Not my characters...obviously! And it's unbeta'd.

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    I could feel Aro’s eyes on me as I gave him my answer. He was shocked, he couldn’t believe that I would refuse such an offer, he couldn’t believe that anyone could refuse an offer made by the all powerful Volturi. He, along with his brothers, were so full of themselves that they were too blind to notice when they had been beaten.

    “Then, Edward Cullen, I am afraid that I have no choice.” Aro said, his voice slightly more malicious than it had been a second ago, “You have made a gigantic mistake boy.” He added. Then, suddenly, the scene changed completely,

    “No, no, no my dear friend, I believe you have made the gigantic mistake here. You see, Aro, messing with a man’s son is a death wish. Messing with a vampire’s son, now that just pretty much guarantees you a one-way ticket to Hell.” Carlisle stepped out of the shadows, the rest of my family followed behind, and I was certain, in that moment, the grin on my face couldn’t have been bigger.

    “Carlisle, Esme. I am so glad to see that you and your children are alive…” I was shocked that it was Esme who cut him off,

    “Save the pleasantries for  someone who cares Aro.” She said. I looked at my family, Jasper’s hair was sticking up in even more random places than my own and his, Alice and Esme’s faces all had deep, black, smudges of soot from the blast. I was glad to see that Rose’s arms were properly attached and that the only damaged she, Emmett, and Carlisle had apparently suffered were rips and tears to their clothing. Also, it seemed as if there was a new bite mark on Emmett’s arm that hadn’t been there before.

    “Now, now, Esme. We haven’t seen each other for quite some time there’s no need to be nasty right off the bat.” Aro had backed up a few feet so that he stood next to his brothers,

    “None of us would like to participate in any violence today..” Carlisle began but Alice cut him off rushing forward to stand next to him. I almost let out a laugh, her inky hair was all a mess on top of her hair, her cheeks stained with soot, and her outfit was ripped in random places, she was obviously pissed off that the vampires had messed up her look for the day,

    “Speak for yourself Carlisle! I need to know who the asshole is that has been blocking my visions! THEN I WANT TO TEAR HIS HEAD OFF!!!” Alice yelled, her normal pixie-like disposition gone,

    “Calm down Alice.” Carlisle whispered, “Edward, son, are you alright?” Carlisle finally acknowledged me,

    “I’m fine but Bella is…Victoria bit her.” I whispered. I heard a growl erupt from every one of my siblings as well as my parents,

    “Let her go, let Edward go. We pose no threat to you or your….rule, Aro.” Carlisle whispered. Aro, Caius, and Marcus all chuckled darkly,

    “We know that. But your little human, she knows too much…your numbers have grown exponentially in the past years Carlisle. I’m afraid that, in order to keep our secret, well, secret, that we cannot allow Isabella Swan to go free.” Aro said, “And I am doubting that Edward would leave her without a fight.” He added,

    “Then we fight.” Carlisle said quickly. I was shocked because, I knew more than anyone, that Carlisle hated violence. Thought I could see, quite easily, that when it came to his family that he may make an exception, “Would you like to make a deal?” my father added. I was eyeing Victoria who stood at the end of the line of vampires to Aro’s right. I wanted tear her head off but still have her alive long enough for her to see her own body from her detached head’s perspective. I wanted her to scream like Bella had, plead for her own pitiful existence. I wanted to give her hope and then, in an instant, take all that hope away. I wanted to crush her.

    “We are always willing to make deals Carlisle, you know that we are very reasonable.” Aro said. I heard Jasper and Emmett snort from behind me,

    “You fight me, Aro, fight me without your brothers and we will see who comes out on top. If you win, then you may have my family. If you lose, we go free and you never bother us again.” Carlisle said. I took in an unneeded breath but instantly relaxed, probably thanks to Jasper. Aro chuckled,

    “Very well then. Brothers…” He motioned to his brothers who stood, without word, and left the room, leaving part of the guard, and Victoria, standing, “How should we go about this Carlisle?” Aro said as soon as Marcus and Caius had left the room. Carlisle turned to a coat of arms hanging on the wall and removed the two swords throwing one at Aro,

    “Just like they did in the old days, my friend.” Carlisle said. Aro let out a booming laugh,

    “In case you have forgotten, friend,” he said the word “friend” like it was a swear word, “swords don’t exactly work on creatures like us.” Aro glared at my father and I crouched slightly, ready to spring if needed,

    “We duel, the first to bring the other down wins. As much as I would like to wrestle you, Aro, I fear I may hurt my son Emmett’s pride if I prove to be better than he is.” Carlisle winked at Emmett who let out his own booming laugh. I knew that Carlisle was lying, that he didn’t care about Emmett’s pride at the moment but that he wanted to keep Aro where he could see him. If they were wrestling there was no telling if the guard would attack or not, and there was no telling whether or not we would get to Carlisle before they killed him.

    “Very well my friend. We duel.” Aro raised his sword and Carlisle did the same. In a flash I watched as my father attacked a man he once called his friend.

    The duel started out just as it always did in movies, the clinking sound of swords filled the air as the two vampires moved back and forth matching each other move for move. They seemed to be equal and I wasn’t sure if it was going to go anywhere, then, Bella’s piercing scream filled the air once more and Carlisle let out a snarl,

    “How dare you Aro. She was a young, vibrant, girl, what could she have possibly done to upset you?” He bit out slicing sideways only to be blocked by Aro,

    “She isn’t the one who upset me, Carlisle, it was you who broke the rule, you who let her in.” Aro sent Carlisle flying with a kick to his chest and I heard Esme gasp. Carlisle flipped back to his feet skillfully,

    “She figured it out on her own without any help from us. She is a smart girl, why punish someone for being clever?” Carlisle growled,

    “She knows too much!” Aro roared, “Which, I guess it doesn’t matter now since she is one of us, she will either stay in the tower or be killed.” He added. Carlisle let out another growl and sliced to the side sending Aro into a wall,

    “Leave my family alone!” He yelled, “And that includes Isabella. All we wanted to do was live in peace! We like humans, we don’t drink human blood, we interact with them, there is no threat to our ‘secret’ Aro!” Carlisle shouted.
    Alice let out a frustrated shout,

    “I HATE NOT BEING ABLE TO SEE THE OUTCOME!” She yelled. One of the members of the guard stared at her and let out a chuckle. Alice noticed immediately and everything fell into place,

    “…….You!” She shouted, “It’s been you this whole time blocking me! Oh, very funny…very, very, funny!” In a flash, before Jasper could even shout out her name, Alice was across the room and perched on top of the vampire’s back, “YOU FUCKING….ASSFACE! YOU are the reason I couldn‘t see Bella, YOU are the reason I didn‘t know the fucking games Victoria was playing, YOU are the reason MY CLOTHES ARE RUINED!” She yelled. The two tumbled and I had to stop Jasper from joining in the brawl. The dust cleared and the large vampire was on the ground with Alice on his back, her tiny hands wrapped around his neck,

    “I don’t need visions to know that your head…is…coming…off!” A loud ripping noise filled our ears and the vampire’s head was launched across the room. Esme let out another gasp, obviously shocked to see her smallest daughter bring down a vampire twice her size, the other vampire’s in the guard didn’t seem the least bit phazed. Alice raced back to where we stood, she stumbled back a bit as she latched onto Jasper‘s arm, she had just been hit with, no doubt, a wave of visions. She let out a high pitched giggle,

    “Sorry, something Emmett’s going to do next Tuesday. I’m BACK BABY!” She yelled. Carlisle and Aro had stopped to watch Alice’s display of ‘pissed-off pixie strength’ but were now back to fighting each other. Aro shoved off the wall and took another swing at Carlisle. My father blocked his shot with a powerful swing of his own sword, but Aro pushed just a little harder. Carlisle began to fall, and Alice detached herself from the fight her eyes bright with either shock, or fear, as she watched the fight, evidently already well aware of the outcome.
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