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|In My Arms| Fanfiction Chap. 4

Sorry this chapter had taken so long to write, it just didn't want to come out of my head in the right way.

Title: In My Arms
Rated: R (For evilness)
Characters: Edward/Bella etc.
Summary: After Edward fulfills Bella's demands and unexpected and unwanted intervention tears them, and their world, apart....But could it be forever. Most of all they discover that death doesn't always mean somebody is completely gone.....

|Previous Chapters|
Preface & Chap.1 - In My Arms
Chap. 2 - Hell, Right Smack in the Middle of Heaven
Chap. 3 - Going Under

|New Chapter!|

Chap. 4

I rolled over, noticing that I was both too warm and too comfortable, as well as the fact that my hands were no longer tied together. And then I remembered the last thing that had happened.

“Oh” I said sitting up so fast that my head spun “Oh” I said again, this time with less enthusiasm.

“Well I’m sorry if I’m such a dissapointment for you”. A quiet voice said from the corner. “But I would have thought you may be slightly excited to see me, especially after the past few days”

“Alice?” I looked around finally spotting her in the corner “Oh, Alice!” I threw myself across the room at her. However after taking a few steps I became aware of a sharp pain on the right side of my head, the shock made me stagger slightly. She came to greet me instead, squeezing me a little too tighly around the waist, but I was so happy I barely noticed.

“Now you, lie down” She instructed. I looked at her, confused. She then proceeded to push me down onto the large bed. “You may not have seen your head but I can certainly see it, and smell it. Carlisle sorted it out fairly well but he said that you had to lie down for today.”

I then recalled the sharp pain in my head, which had now reduced to a light, but uncomfortable, throbbing. My hand searched for the origin, and discovered a large gauze patch.

“Where’s Edward?” I asked, confused. I wanted so desperately for him to hold me in his arms, for me to know that he was well and truly fine.

Alice’s brow furrowed. “He just needed to sort some things out….”. She trailed off, unwilling to answer, and I didn’t miss the quick glance she shot to the window.

I followed her glance curious. And was stunned at the view.

“Where are we?” I asked, unable to match the view to any angle of where I remembered.

“France” Alice answered lightly, pretending not to notice me staring at her. “What?” She said in an innocent tone, when she finally looked up.

“When did I come to France?” I asked. The question sounded so incredulous, I nearly laughed.

“Hmmmmm, about five days ago” Alice said, blowing it off lightly. She can’t have thought so little of me that I woudn’t let it go so easily.

“So how long has it been since Edward came to…..get me?” I finished lamely, unable to think of anything better without making it sound like a damsel-in-distress.

“Yesterday evening”. She said, sighing. I could see that she was mentally preparing herself for the rest of my questions, which she would have already seen.

“So I came to France with…..those other people” I realised then that I still didn’t have a clue who they were, or why they had gone to such extreme measures to take me so far away from the Cullen’s, Edward in particular.

“Yes”. I could tell that she had just seen the change in the course of my thoughts.

“So-“ I began.

“Look Bella,” She interrupted “Edward really doesn’t want me to tell you about that. You can ask him when he gets back if you want but I value my life too much too cross him on this particular issue.”

I stared at her, amazed. “Edward told you not to tell me anything about the past few days? About the fact that I was drugged taken to France and then knocked out?!” I grew angrier by the minute. This wasn’t his secret, nor hers, to keep.

“Look Bella he’s just trying to-“ She began to plead with me but I had to interrupt her there.

“If you say ‘protect me’ then you honestly do not know either me or Edward very well. First of all you know just as well as me, if not better, how protective Edward is and you think it even less neccesary than I do! And do you really think I even care about being protected any more? I have been through so much the past year, or so, I really don’t think that I need protecting any more.” I huffed childishly, and crossed my arms across my chest.

Alice just stared at me, speechless.

“So where exactly is Edward and when exactly will he be back?” I demanded, on a bizarre high from my triumph over Alice.

“Edward is….” She sighed “Edward is going after the group of vampires that, well, you know…along with Carlisle and Emmett he….” She trailed off, looking almost scared of my expression, if I wasn’t so angry I may have laughed at her.

“He what!” I half-screamed. I was livid, how dare he do this? I needed him here right now. I swung my legs over, preparing to run out the door, despite the fact that I had no idea where he was.

“No” Alice insisted, pushing down my shoulder after gaining her composure again. “Look you can’t do anything about it now, and he should be back soon anyway. He said that whether they caught them or not he would be back in about 7 minutes from now. Happy now?” She added sarcastically.

“Not yet” I was determined to get all of my answers. “Who are those people? And why did they do this?”

She sighed, but from my previous argument she obviously decided it may be a good idea to answer my questions.

“Well, you remember Victoria?” She snarled the name, it seemed neither Alice nor Edward could say her name any other way. My expression did a complete turn-around from hearing her name. She took my horrorstruck expression as confirmation. “When Edward was tracking her you heard he followed her down to South America, and you thought that she may have got the idea for the newborn army there?”

I just nodded, still in horror that she could still be a part of my life despite no longer living.

“You were right, she did get the idea from South America. And while there she made some new acquaintances.” I could tell she was becoming even more livid by the second, I wondered what she must have been like when she first found out, and shuddered at the thought. Alice could be terrifying at times. “And as determined as she was to achieve….her goal” I could see she was struggling to find the words that would upset me least, it was a wasted effort. “She recruited a back-up plan as well, these people. And well…..” She trailed off, but I finished her sentence for her.

“Now they’re going to kill me” I was surprised at how level I could keep my tone. In truth, I was terrified. And Alice could sense that.

“Calm Bella, everything’s going to be fine. Just calm”. She paused, looking over my expression. “I knew I shouldn’t have told you.” She muttered afterwards.

“Yes, you should have. And I’m glad that you did. It just makes it that bit easier to know what I’m facing, rather than it being a blank wall” I insisted. Despite my terror, the words I spoke were true. I was grateful for Alice especially, from previous experiences, I knew how Edward could react to being crossed.

“Edward will be back in about 4 minutes. Could you please try to be a little more compsed.” She was almost begging me, I had to wonder what kind of a state Edward had been in when he left. I attempted to gain as much composure as possible after finding out that people were still trying to kill me, it seemed like a constant part of my life. Victoria was impossibly inescapable, her goal could still be achieved despite the fact that she was no longer living nor breathing.

The door then opened and Edward emerged. I had never been so happy to see him, every perfect, pale, marble inch of him. Yet again I sprang up from the bed, I really should have known better this time, and yet again I staggered from the shock of the searing pain that shot through my head. Edward caught me this time and swung me up into his arms and guided me back to the bed where he carefully set me down. He lay down next to me, simply gazing into my eyes, and I did the same. I barely noticed the sound of his family leaving, but Edward did.

His body moulded to every inch of mine, causing my heart to thump hyperactively. We seemed lost in our own world, not realising that time was passing around us. It could have been hours we lay next to each other but they passed like seconds. I couldn’t imagine such peace ever to end, and in that moment I forgot everything else that had happened over the past few days. Victoria, the gang of vampires determined to cause my death. Anything and everything dissolved into nothing, because I was safe in Edward’s arms.

That was when I heard Alice scream.

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