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important modpost
Please read.

We have many members (and mods!) all over the world, and as such, we allow posts through that detail information (i.e. release dates, trailers, etc) for them because we feel we shouldn't limit it to one particular group. As you all have noticed, we also don't try to censor how people feel towards the book, the movie, so on and so forth, as long as it remains somewhat orderly. We certainly do not, however, tolerate any sort of racism or discrimination. It is absolutely disgusting that there needs to be a modpost about this at all, but after having seen comments with such content, we felt it was necessary to let you know that this is definitely not acceptable and you will be BANNED without warning. You should all know better.

Some of the mods are bilingual, but it is impossible to catch everything in all of the posts for our international members. Or just in general. If at any point you come across anything offensive, please message one of the moderators or contact us through the Page-a-Mod post; all information will remain private.

All comments are screened, if you have any questions or concerns.

Your moderators
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