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Weekly Promotions Roundup #15

Here is the promotions roundup post with all the new communities and websites submitted to us this week. If you'd like something promoted for next week, please leave a comment here. :)

elitetwilight -- The most dazzling icons on livejournal.
greene_fan -- An Ashley Greene community.
i_see_twilight -- A picspam community for everyday things that make you say "OME Twilight!"
kristewart_com -- A Kristen Stewart community.
twiheads -- We're possessed by Twilight.
twilight_fluff -- When you are in need of a quick Twilight fix! Short, completed canon fics.
twstoryseek -- Fic-seek community for finding the fics you forgot to bookmark.

LJ - Fic Meme
Multi-Fandom Request-A-Fic Meme Type-Thing -- This is one of those things where you fill out the form requesting a fic that you want and then other people come by and get inspired and write a drabble/fic based on your request. If you still don't understand, just look at the first comment (and it's reply) for a good example.

LJ - Role Playing


This community is dedcated to the beautiful and talanted actress Ashley Greene ♥.
She has previous apperiances in "Crossing Jordan", "Desire", King of California, "Shark", and Otis. Her most famous role is in the upcoming "Twilight" movie as the pixie-like Alice Cullen.


Do you squee when you see a silver Volvo or a sign that says Alice? Come post your Twilight sighting pictures at i_see_twilight.


This is community about Kristen Stewart. Community is in Russian and English. Join and enjoy!


This is a Twilight community, it's for everything Twilight. Please join, we will have a lot of fun :)


Another Twilight fic comm you are thinking? I know, I know, but sometimes you just want to read a short, fun, canon completed fic and you just can't find one. twilight_fluff is the place to go. Come post your fluffy, completed, canon fics. :)


Ever read an awesome fic, and then forgotten to bookmark it? Ever spend hours searching for it before finally admitting defeat and realizing you won't get to read it again? Don't let that chagrin your dazzle, because now there's twstoryseek for all of your fic-finding needs. Join the comm to ask about that elusive fic, or for recs of fics, and enjoy a weekly fic-rec'ing post.


Thedawnfades is a pre-breaking dawn/post-eclipse rp. It takes place before the wedding and all the chaos that ensued. Keep in mind that the rp will not go according to Breaking Dawn. Please hurry, characters are taken very fast.
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